Poker has been around for centuries and online poker has only enhanced its appeal as a game. There are many reasons for this, but perhaps one of the biggest and most compelling reasons is the fact that online poker is fast, doesn’t require much organisation to play, and also has a huge fun element. In this article, we will look at some key tips that will enable you to get the most out of online poker, and hopefully win a game or two. If you want more online casino and tips advice please get in touch.

The first tip we would recommend people follow is to play low stakes games at the start of things. The Best way is to find free bonus no deposit casino UK and start with that. Generally speaking, if you were to play live poker in the real world you may not necessarily meet up with players that are challenging or expert in their approach, at least not for most of the time.

But in online poker, it is actually quite easy to meet some very accomplished players, who have played major tournaments and won. This is a problem, but only if you’re not ready for it.

The best course of action here is to start out small, and with the smaller stakes games, and therefore gain some experience in the online poker way of doing things. Then, when you are more confident and accomplished, you can start to take on the bigger stakes and have a chance of winning.

It is also a good idea to play one single table in the first few games that you play. It is not unknown for some players to jump in and try and play multiple tables in an attempt to make money faster.

However, this is not a good idea, even if you are an accomplished poker player. The sheer effort involved in playing multiple tables online can be overwhelming and we suggest that you avoid this approach and instead focus on ensuring that you take a methodical angle on things. One table at a time is a good idea until you are more confident at playing online poker.

When we play poker online, we are not sitting in a room that has the same level of focus that a real world environment does. In a real world poker situation, we have a table with people focused only on the game in front of them.

In an online poker situation, we could have our phone nearby, the Internet open and the TV on. This is not good. If you want to succeed at online poker we suggest you zone these things out of the equation, and focus instead in creating a completely distraction free environment.

Online poker is exactly the same  as real world poker in that you can play for money if you want to.

This means that you should treat it with the same level of professionalism as you would real world poker. Turn the phone and TV off, and shut down all other windows in your browser and treat the game with a professional head. This way, you will be able to give it your full attention and avoid losing on silly points.

You should also think about the environment on a physical level too. Many top online poker players have invested in special chairs, for example, that help them ergonomically and therefore allow for a more comfortable sitting position.

This may seem a little silly, but you could be playing online poker for hours at a time, and having a chair that allows you to sit safely and with full comfort means that you are more likely to enjoy the games you play, as well as look after your health.

Little aspects like this mean that you are going to not only feel better physically after a hard session of poker, but also have more of a chance to win games because you are more relaxed.

On a game level, one of the best ways to do well at online poker is to play within your bankroll. This means playing games that never have more than 5% of your bankroll at stake.

This allows you to stay calm and relaxed, and also to play for longer. If you win, you can win large, but if you lose, having less than 5% (preferably) of your bankroll on the table means that you are never going to be in a situation where you have to leave prematurely.

The very best players do this in online poker and it is a big secret to doing well. Knowing that you only have, at most, 5% of your bankroll at stake does wonders for your peace of mind and your focus.

Another good hint as regards your online poker bankroll is to avoid looking at the bankroll too much. Too many players online focus on how much money they have left and this leads them open to worry and doubt.

Worry and doubt create situations where players can start to lose money quickly. If you have focused on ensuring the bankroll is at that sensible level, then worry and doubt will not come into it through that study of the numbers.

It is absolutely imperative that you stop checking how much money you have left in between rounds. It is not important if you know that you are not betting the farm every time, and it only brings in unnecessary distraction.

If we were to offer any final advice here we would say that, above all, you must take the game seriously. Because it is online poker you are always one step removed from reality. But that’s an important step.

Aim to focus on cutting out distractions, focusing on keeping a sensible bankroll, and practising on as many low stakes games as possible before you go for the bigger games and the potential bigger losses.

In the end, online poker deserves the same amount of professionalism as real world poker. Even more so, when you consider how quickly things can fall apart if you’re not focused.

Thomas Partey according to emerging reports is eyeing a whooping £200,000 a week at Arsenal if he is to join the North London club from Atletico Madrid this summer.

The Athletic, as quoted by Metro, via real money slots, is reporting that the Ghanaian defensive midfielder is after a yearly contract worth an eye-watering £10.4m if he’s to join the FA Cup winner this summer.

Report from the same outlets mentioned above went further saying Partey is “keen” on a move to Arsenal this summer but Mikel Arteta’s side has so far been unwilling to activate the Atletico Madrid’s man staggering €50m (£45m) release clause.

It’s being reported that Arsenal have offered the duo of Alexandre Lacazette and Matteo Guendouzi in cash plus player deal to sign Partey, but the La Liga side has insisted that the midfielder will not be sold unless his release clause is met.

arsenal target

That being said, this means that the gooner news outfit now need to decide whether they can afford Partey’s £45m asking price, and they must also weigh up the Ghanaian’s wage demands, according to the article.

If the report does bear fruits, Partey’s demand for a weekly salary of £200,000 would place him as one of the highest-earning players at the north London club. For uk online casinos for Arsenal target supporters close to the Emirates, we’ve got you covered.

The story says that Arsenal are desperate to get Mesut Ozil off their wage bill at The Emirates, with the German believed to be earning around £350,000 a week despite his lack of first-team action.

arsenal target

The article concludes by claiming that Ozil, Guendouzi, Sead Kolasinac, Rob Holding, and Ainsley Maitland-Niles are all up for sale by Arsenal this summer in what would be a very busy summer schedule at the north London club. In other news, newly promoted Fulham are reportedly interested in re-signing Arsenal target defender Calum Chambers for around £12m. Chambers spent the 2018-19 campaign on loan at Craven Cottage from Arsenal and, while he was unable to prevent them from suffering relegation from the Premier League, the 25-year-old is still highly thought of at Fulham.

According to a report coming from the United Kingdom, Seria A giants AC Milan are strongly interested in signing Scottish side Rangers F.C striker Alfredo Morelos this summer.

The report is firstly announced and published by the Football Insider that the San Siro outfits have been in contact with the Scottish side regarding the availability of the Colombia international, who was close to joining Ligue 1 side Lille before they turned to Jonathan David of Gent.

ac milan

Football Insider adds further on the website that the Serie A side are keen on taking advantage of the striker’s desire to play for a leading European club after three seasons with Rangers in Scotland with no silverware to show for, and it is being reported that €20m could be enough to secure his signature.

The Rangers striker is ranked amongst top-scoring at the ongoing Europa League 2019-20 season, as well as 44 goals to his name in the last three seasons with the club. In all competition, Morelos has found the back of the net 79 times since he joined the club in 2017.

Known for being hot-headed at times, the 24-year-old Colombian ace also faces an uncertain future at Ibrox due to the arrival of another prolific forward in Kemar Roofe.

AC Milan meanwhile, has been linked with the various attacking threats this summer, but reports have suggested a move for any forward would be to partner with Zlatan Ibrahimovic upfront this summer transfer window.

As well as being linked with various attacking players this summer, AC Milan, according to reports, has also been offered an opportunity to sign Chelsea out-of-favour defender, Tiemoue Bakayoko in a cut-price. An Italian in New Zeland and wondering why to get online casino in New Zealand? The website has got you covered for best odds on online casino new zealand you can ever imagine.

ac milan

The report claims the Premier League side have slashed their asking price to £20 million in an attempt to raise funds for other player acquisitions. Bakayoko joined Chelsea from AS Monaco in the summer of 2017 after an incredible season with the French club, overcoming odds and defeating the favourites and defending champions Paris Saint-Germain to the Ligue 1 title. His move to Monaco did not start as brilliantly, though. AC Milan will be competing in the Europa League next season and aside participating in the tournament, Stefano Pioli’s side will be looking to put in strong performance until the very end of the tournament and this can only be achieved with top signing this summer. It remains to be seen how the Serie A club will handle all respective transfer target this summer.

Over the past few years, more and more people have taken up the hobby of betting on their favorite sports. Football, hockey, and boxing can be fun for spectators, but it is undoubtedly much more thrilling when money is on the line. Unfortunately getting scammed is real, so it is vital to be realistic and take precautions when attempting to gamble your money.
Continue reading “How To Avoid Getting Scammed When Betting On Sports”

2020 might nearly be half over, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t still plenty to take advantage of. The year has already given people so many great things, but there is plenty more to come. That being said, you’ve likely noticed that 2020 has been the year of online gambling. Heck, you can’t turn on a TV or turn into a sports event without seeing some kind of ad for an online casino or bookie. Given that the industry is a billion-dollar one and online growing, it is easy to understand exactly why this is the case. Everyone wants to get in on the action. And, there is plenty of it to get in on. Formula One is now even making arrangements to offer on-track betting for spectators and fans alike. All that aside, there really are tons of reasons that one would want to gamble online in 2020.

Bonuses And Rewards

There are a lot of great things about land-based gambling. You can walk into any casino and be showered with live entertainment, feed food, drinks, and even a free night’s hotel stay sometimes. While the online world can’t offer these things, they do have plenty to offer. And, these offerings usually come in the form of welcome bonuses, VIP treatments, and loyalty rewards. In fact, this is how casinos are competing with each other in 2020. One provider might entice you with a matched deposit bonus just to get your locked in. Well, you can guarantee there is going to be another provider willing to match this or even do you one better. These bonuses and rewards are getting more and more creative as time passes and 2020 has seen some great ones thus far.

There are now even some providers that are willing to offer what are known as cashback bonuses. That’s right, at the end of the year or month, you could get a percentage back of everything that you lost at a casino. That’s pretty great, right? Well, it is just the beginning.

Vast Array Of Games

Not only are the bonuses getting more creative in 2020, but the games are getting more and more creative. This is simply one area where a quality land-based casino can’t compete with a quality online casino. Land-based providers are limited when it comes to space and the types of games that they can offer. This is not the case with online providers. There are virtually no restrictions when it comes to space. And, they are getting pretty creative. You’ll find that you can not only enjoy some of your favorite classics online, but you can now enjoy exciting and innovative variations of them. Gone are the days of traditional poker, slots, and blackjack. You can now play these games with more exciting rewards, rules, and regulations.

Get Competitive

Gambling has always been a great means of entertainment, but that is the thing. It is just entertainment for some individuals, especially land-based players. If you conducted a poll, you would find that nearly over half of land-based players only gamble for entertainment values. There is nothing wrong with this, as you can really capitalize on the right strategies. However, if you are looking for real competition and serious head to head action, you’ll find it online. Most people that gamble online do so for money. In fact, there are tons of individuals that make a living gambling online.

You combine this with all the analytic and tracking capabilities available today in most online casinos, and you won’t have a problem honing your craft to the fullest. You’ll improve your skills beyond what you ever thought possible.

When the world is going around in its normal cycle, we would be able to jump online and bet on hundreds of football matches every minute of every day. The horse races would be constantly streaming through our phones and we’d be backing winner after winner. Or at least we’d love to think that we were.

Now that the whole world has had to re-align their daily routines, we have a completely different outlook on the sports scene. There are no football matches being played, there are no horse races being run and there are definitely not any motor races being held.

The biggest question to ask right now, is what can we game with? If I’m missing the joy of a small wager on a football match, where can I have the same fun?

There are going to be two main options.

Hit the casinos

When the sport stops because we cannot congregate together, it will not affect the online casinos. There will always be a roulette wheel turning somewhere in a virtual casino, where you can try your lick in predicting red or black. You can sit down at any number of poker tables and play as much Texas Hold’em as you can manage. The abundance of online casino’s will only tell you how popular they already are. If you have a particular talent for one very niche card game, there will be at least ten different sites which cater to your particular need.
The best thing to watch out for right now on any casino is the sign-up bonus.

Get into Virtual racing

Within hours of the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix being cancel in Melbourne, there was an online race organised, publicised, promoted and run. Drivers from all around the world logged on from their bedrooms and raced against each other. The technology has been there for a few years now and some series have had marginal success, but with the lockdowns spreading across the world and a lack of ‘real’ racing more spectators have been giving the esports world a try.

The great news about the surge in esports popularity is the sudden adoption of the online bookmaker. They all now offer some esports markets, from the F1 to Battlefield and even Super Smash Brothers. You will probably be very surprised by the range of esports you can already gamble on.

When Fortnite announced that it would be giving its tournament winner a cash prize of $1 million, the gaming industries eyes turned to see this suddenly serious sport and it opened many options for other leagues to join in on the action. There are now competitive esports leagues in almost every game and it’s just a case of finding an online bookie who will offer you the right odds.

Just because the live action has transferred from the pitch to the TV screen, doesn’t mean that you aren’t still getting your slice of the action.

If you are looking to bet on Indian cricket, then you will have plenty of options. There are too many apps out there to let you quickly pick the best. Let us walk you though the top 11 and tell you why you need to use them.

1. 1xBet India

Designed to let you place a bet within seconds, this app is the most user-friendly cricket betting app you will find. The tag in the top right corner holds all your navigation and you’re never more than three clicks from a market.

2. 10Cric India

If you are looking for statistics and numbers galore, then this is the perfect app for you. 10Cric will fill any gaps in your knowledge with pages of infographics and charts. Focus on the average run stats for both teams.

3. Betway

The depth of the cricket area on Betway is its biggest selling point. Delve into each Over or cash out half way through a match, there are a thousand reasons why if you search Betway review India you’ll see a lot of 5 stars.

4.  22Bet India

Keeping a simple design, has ensured that even with a weak signal, the 22Bet app runs quickly. You’ll also find every cricket match listed on the app at some point.

5. LeoVegas Sports

A stripped back cricket betting app from the casino specialist, but that means they have to offer some brilliant odds. If you know what you are looking for, you might just find the best odds here.

6. Paddy Power

Use the Paddy Power app to find special offers. The bookmaker is known for their outlandish marketing and the offers will be worth waiting for.

7. Ladbrokes

It’s all about the variety of bets on offer on Ladbrokes and the accumulators you can create within a match. Known for their other sports, Ladbrokes does not disappoint when it comes to cricket. 

8. CricketRoar India

When you are brand new in a competitive market you need to stand out, so CricketRoar India, use boosted bets to shine. Every day one bet will returns double the winnings, if it comes in.

9. William Hill

Regarded as one of the best cricket betting apps in the world, its showcase is really Indian cricket. William Hill have decades of finding new and interesting bets to entice you. The mid-over betting is always worth a once over. 

10. Betfair

The exchange-based app routinely manages to offer the best odds of any app on the market. Due to the nature of an exchange, you will always be able to find a random bet and a randomly good set of odds to enjoy.


The cricket markets on BODOG cover all your standard bases, but the way it stands out is with the trend showcase. BODOG will chose a bet to promote, based purely on them thinking it is going to win. It’s almost too easy.

Whichever app you settle on, we know you’ll have picked a winner.

Casinos and specifically poker tables have a language all to themselves. There are in-house slang and terms which really distinguish the experienced players from those around them.

Imagine if you walked up to a poker table and the dealer tells you that the table is wet, should you sit down or walk away.

Then you get called a Donk because you didn’t colour up. Should you be offended or take that as a compliment. There are some key terms you should know, just to try and bluff your way through the night.

Colour Up

If you are starting to do really well and building a pile of chips, you might be asked if you want to colour up. It’s a compliment and the dealer is asking you if you would like to change your small valued chips for larger valued ones.

The dealer would only offer this if they feel that you are progressing to larger bets and are not about to slide back to the small chips again.

Colouring up is one way of ensuring that there are not too many chips covering the table, we all still need space for those cards.

A Donk

Now a Donk can either be a person or a play, but at the heart of the matter is the fact that you don’t want either.

If you are called a Donk, then the other players at the table see you as a soft target for betting against. They think they can take all of your chips and send you packing.

Whilst you might not be a Donk, you could always make a Donk play. This is just as bad. A Donk play is when you play or bet out of turn and show a complete lack of knowledge of the game.

Either way, you really don’t want to be a Donk.


To find a word worse than a Donk takes some doing but being eighty-sixed is much worse.

If you hear eighty-six being thrown your way, then your number is up, very literally. You are about to be thrown out of the casino and never allowed back in.

If a casino suspects you of card counting, cheating in any way, or just being too drunk and having run out of money, they can and will eighty-six you. It’s the shortcode for ‘get out and never come back’.


Grind is actually the only guessable slang used in poker, if you think of a long hard grind, then you’re there. The Grind is about a lot of very small bets, which win marginal amounts. Yet over a long time, they can make a player very rich. It is just a case of grinding out the big prizes.

No-one can blame you for not knowing every slang term used in poker, but with these four essentials, then you will at least be able to bluff your way through.

After all, poker is all about the bluff.


    1. Go through the website thoroughly, and pay attention to the in-house ads on display. Most of the website have welcome bonuses for first-time players. This feature is really handy for people who want to make more money from their first deposit. Ensure you check out all the bonuses you can get from a particular online casino before signing up with them; this will ensure no bonus goes by you at any time. As it is with most online casinos, they offer you a bonus code corresponding to the bonus you ought to receive. Use this code to redeem your bonus when you are asked for it.
    2. Look carefully through all parts of the website for any bonuses that might be lurking in the corner. You can also check other websites that regularly advertise casino bonuses. Doing this will help you know which site offers the best bonuses. You will need to search around a lot so that you don’t miss anything. Mind you, there are various bonuses that meet your goals, and at the same, there are others that don’t really meet up with what you are doing, so make sure you use those that follow meet with your gaming requirements.
    3. Join a casino strategy website. These websites provide you with bonuses if you are a registered member. You can sign up with these sites easily. These strategy sites are known to give bonuses and also tips to help you become a better player. You can also get a newsletter and other interesting nuggets when you join a casino strategy website. What’s more, you can gain access to exclusive tournaments and events. 
    4. You can also find a specific type of bonuses on the web. All you need to do is search for them. Some of the common casino bonuses you will come across include; match bonuses, reload bonuses; free spins, no deposit bonuses, and so on. There are lots of websites that offer a plethora of options for you, just look for the one(s) with the best bonus package.
    5. Go through the list of bonuses and free spins at This will let you know what people think about the latest offers, and more importantly, it will help you find out which site offers the best bonuses. Hearing actual player experience will help you in your decision-making process.


Online casinos provide players with a nice selection of games to choose from, neatly grouped based on genre. This simplifies navigation and makes it easier for players to find the games they are interested in with only a few clicks of the mouse. Many players are confronted with the paradox of choice and have a hard time deciding for one genre or the other. These are the top five casino games to consider when playing over the Internet, covering all popular genres. Continue reading “Top 5 Casino Games To Play Online”

Live dealer games have taken the casino industry by storm over the past few years and they are set to become even more popular as time goes on. Many people enjoy playing at a table and getting to see a real person dealing their cards – but how do these casinos work?

Here, we are going to talk to you about live dealer casino games and explain how they work. Keep reading to find out more. Continue reading “The Guide To Live Dealer Casino Games”

People who are new to the world of sports betting can be easily overwhelmed by the process. This is  especially the case when they feel like they are not winning as much as they would like. What they tend to forget is that it is not just about place bets on a go-to team, let alone think of it as a feat easy to overcome.

In reality, there are different things you need to keep in mind if you want to be successful in sports betting. For instance, you have to consider the conditions and odds, among other factors. What’s more, you need to accept the truth that sports betting can be a complicated process, although it does not have to be a daunting one. Continue reading “Top 3 Sports Betting Tips Newbies Should Keep In Mind”

Converting a bookmaker’s odds into implied probability and comparing that percentage against your own assessment is one of the key metrics to finding the best value bets.

Calculating implied probability?

When a bookmaker creates a market, it attributes odds to each selection (or possible outcome). For instance, a La Liga football match between Real Madrid and Real Betis has the following odds: Continue reading “Use Implied Probability To Find Betting Value”

Multiple Grade One winner Bristol De Mai heads the weights on 11st 10lb for the 172nd running Aintree Grand National. 

Bristol De Mai is one of nine entries for the dual Grand National-winning trainer Nigel Twiston-Davies. The popular grey gained his second Betfair Chase at Haydock Park in November, when he defeated last year’s Cheltenham Gold Cup hero Native River by four lengths. Continue reading “Grand National Weights 2019 Revealed”

Many of the most popular hollywood films about casino robberies and gimmicks are based on real events. The directors and producers who shot such films as “Ocean’s 11” were inspired by the stories of the most legendary casino robbers.

Unlike movies, in reality, many fraudsters can not leave so easily and do not have such a high technical level of training, like heroes of films. However, there are several people who have managed to stand out for their sophistication in an attempt to find an answer to the question of how to rob a casino and still go unpunished.

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A new card game was recently released on a dedicated site called Hell Club. The game is a betting variant of popular card game Oh Hell called Oh Hell Stackpot™. The site offers Cash Games, Sit & Go’s and Tournaments, much like most poker rooms, and is a great multiplayer alternative to poker, if you – like many others – feel that poker is getting old. Continue reading “Brand New Online Multiplayer Card Game to Compete with Poker”

Technology right now is developing at a ridiculous speed. An obvious point, I know, but it’s something that really does catch you by surprise when you just stop a minute to think about it.

It wasn’t 15 years ago that people scoffed at the idea of touch screen phones, “We’ve seen them all before,” they said, “They were crap, they didn’t work.” Back then, though, internet phones were barely a thing either. The better phones of the day just about had internet, but unless you wanted to wait 10 minutes to try and check the football scores, they were pretty much useless. Continue reading “Top Casino Apps”

The Champions League group stage kicks-off on September 18 and teams across Europe are dreaming of lifting the famous trophy in the final in Madrid next May.

Real Madrid are chasing their fourth successive victory in the competition, but there are a host of clubs who hold a genuine chance of winning Europe’s top football prize. Continue reading “Champions League 2018/19: Ronaldo to be the difference maker for Juventus”

If you are trying to improve your online poker skills, one way you can do this is by reading through the vital information contained in poker books. You will get to know crucial facts and techniques about online poker that will take your game to the next level. Alternatively, you can go for the many other tools of the trade to take your skills to the next level as explained in the following article. Continue reading “How To Take Your Poker Skills To The Next Level”

Poker has taken many different forms over the years, with Texas Hold’em currently holding its place as the crowned king. But what of the lesser known forms of poker, those which still have plenty of players but are yet to take off in the same astronomical manner as the most popular? In this article, we want to take a look at Chinese poker and hopefully introduce new players to some of the fun and opportunities that this game represents. Continue reading “Taking a Look at Chinese Poker”

As of next year a re-regulation of the gambling market in Sweden will take place. According to the Swedish government this will mean that anyone operating in the Swedish gambling market must have an authorised licence. Operators without a license will be shut out. It is proposed that the new regulations enter into force on 1 January 2019. Minster for Public Administration Ardalan Shekarabi made the following comment: Continue reading “Best Future Proof Betting Sites in Sweden”

Casino games have always been a popular activity for people looking to make a quick buck while enjoying themselves at the same time. These are divided into online and offline casinos that are usually featured in multinational hotels, large resorts, and even luxurious yachts. The games offered range from casino tables and slots to different poker games. With so many options for gamers to choose from, casino games have proven to be quite a hit. Just read through any casinoroom review and you will find out exactly how true this is. Let us look at why these games are such a favorite of many. Continue reading “Why Casino Games Are So Popular”