The words bingo hall conjure up diverse images in one’s mind. Previously, in the 1960’s bingo halls were a large scale social event. Happening on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, members of the community would congregate and flock to these halls. If you play bingo online, you might notice that the sites these days have adapted much in the same way to accommodate this socialising feature.

These halls would then sell tickets at a certain price, along with sweetmeats and drinks to accompany the game of bingo. People would usually turn up before time to spend time finding the perfect able that was close enough to be aware of the caller, yet far behind to socialise without disturbance. The caller would be assisted by women who would handle the number generating machine and also check tickets for people who believed they had achieved bingo.

Many a times, a game of bingo would be accompanied by a magic show, or a speech by a prominent person. The unbelievable popularity of bingo halls make it a perfect place to campaign for various causes. However, while speeches and campaigning was sometimes allowed, collecting funds for charities on the floor of the bingo hall was a strict no.

The bingo halls that exist today are far different from those of the 60’s. Modern, glitzy and completely electronically operated, there exists less room for error. Most players make use of electronic tickets which have an auto daubing facility, resulting in almost perfect calls of “Bingo!” unlike previous times where false bingo’s were common.

The bingo machines are also more numerous, and connected to provide a progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot is much higher in remuneration and draws significantly more players.

The use of computers has also revolutionised this game of luck. Gaming websites can now give out an unlimited array of rewards based on customer loyalty. If you visit the GameVillage Promotions page, you will be able to take a look at all the various prizes and jackpots that can be won by players.