Blackjack Tips


Blackjack is a fun game and many people play it to relax as well as to win money. However, with the right set of tips behind you you should be able to find a way to win more often, and this article will provide you with just a few tips that can help you raise your game.

Remember though that there is no guarantee of winning at Blackjack, no matter what strategies you use. These tips are only designed to give you more of an edge, and a chance of winning more than losing.

  • The first golden tip is never to split two tens. This means that if you have been given two tens as your opening cards, keep them ‘as is’. It may seem a little silly, but some players do raise on a 20 at the outset. This is wrong, simply because the dealer will find it very hard to beat the hand you have. The chances of them getting 21 (which is what they need) are very slim, and you are in the best possible position here. So if you get two tens, relax a little, and hold.
  • If you get two fives, a similar situation applies. You already have a score of ten, so it makes sense to ask for just one more card to give the best chance of reaching close to twenty without added risk. If you split and get two more tens than you have blown yourself out of the water with some risky play. Double down and ask for just one more card and keep it there. Unless it is  a very low card (which is unlikely) you should come out of the situation with a strong hand.
  • When you are on anything like a winning streak, don’t be tempted to raise your bets too high and too quickly. Keep raising  a little at a time and you should find yourself in a situation where you are gaining a little bit of money every time and making a better night out of it. By raising your bets too quickly and to a large degree you are going to lose big at some point, affecting the money you have made so far. Little increases keep the bets sensible and the winning growing gradually.
  • The best tip ever for anyone who is playing Blackjack, especially inexperienced players, is that you have to remember you are always in control of how long you play for. This is an important distinction to make. The longer you play when you’re not winning, the worse things are going to be. Use a little self control and stop playing when things are getting tight. Alternatively, if you are winning big, consider taking a break and coming back with smaller bets. At the end of the day, that’s how real winners operate.

Consider the above tips as some key ways in which you can get comfortable playing Blackjack and more confident as you learn the game.