Both Sweden and Denmark in World Cup 2018

World Cup 2018 in Russia hosts both Sweden and Denmark in the same World Cup which hasn’t happened since 2002. Norway might not have made it to Russia, but the country still has some representation upcoming summer through the Norwegian coach Åge Hareide that currently manage the Danish national team.

Sweden through against all odds

Not a lot of people thought that Sweden would manage to make it to Russia but with new coach Janne Andersson Sweden has become a team that beat France, eliminated Holland and then surprisingly beat Italy in playoff making it the first World Cup since 1958 without Italy. Big hero was Jacob Johansson who scored the only goal at Friends Arena in Stockholm.

Denmark also had to make it through playoff but with Ireland standing on the other side, the Danes managed pretty easy to make it to Russia.  

Sweden will play a friendly game at Chile in March in Stockholm. The two times reigning South American champions surprisingly didn’t make it to World Cup in Russia. Sweden with Germany, Mexico, and South Korea in the group probably wanted Chile to get a good friendly game that reminds a little bit about the Mexican team.  

Annual tour can help dreams come true

Denmark also has a tough group with France, Peru, and Australia. The first game 2018 will be played against the USA in warm San Diego. Both Denmark and Sweden have an annual tour in January with only players from the local league. It’s a great way for the young and talented players to show themselves and make sure the coach knows they want a spot in the World Cup squad.  

The English national team could learn a lot from Sweden and Denmark when it comes to being humble and playing as a team. England might have a lot of great players, but Sweden and Denmark are two TEAMS and that’s what has gotten them to World Cup in Russia 2018.

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