Brand New Online Multiplayer Card Game to Compete with Poker

A new card game was recently released on a dedicated site called Hell Club. The game is a betting variant of popular card game Oh Hell called Oh Hell Stackpot™. The site offers Cash Games, Sit & Go’s and Tournaments, much like most poker rooms, and is a great multiplayer alternative to poker, if you – like many others – feel that poker is getting old.

How does it work?

Oh Hell is a trick taking game that revolves around guessing how many tricks you can take with your given cards, and then try your best to fulfill your bid. If you succeed, you score. If you don’t, you bust. Instead of keeping scores, the Stackpot design will give the winners their ante back, plus a bonus based on how many tricks they took, while the busters stack their entry bets in a table pot that persists to upcoming hands. The table pot is then used to increase the trick bonus for subsequent rounds.

While the game is played for real money, there are no betting elements in it. Much like Chinese poker, each hand has its values specified by the game mechanics, and not by the players.

What’s in it for the players?

The site is not only providing a fun and intriguing new multiplayer gambling game, it’s also hosting Freerolls and Guaranteed tournaments every Sunday, with hundreds of Euro waiting for the winners. It is brand new, and is still lacking traffic, which makes the chance to win part of that money even bigger! The site also features challengers that win you tickets used as free admission to the Guaranteed tournaments.

The theme of the site toys with the title of the game and provides a fiery and hell inspired environment, filled with devil symbols, demonic characters and abyssal gameplay.

Why Stackpot?

The nature of the Stackpot design not only enables betting in the game, it eliminates many of the problems with the classic Oh Hell scoring, such as extensive zero-bidding, or the pointlessness of making an effort when behind. Zero-bidding is still an easy way to succeed, but will only give you your entry bet back. So to actually increase your bank roll, you have to bid a few tricks, which raises the difficulty. And if you fall behind – fear not! You can still see an OmniBust at any given hand, which will make the table pot huge and the chance of winning it big!

I wanna check it out!

Try the game for fun with one click here! You can play for fun or for real money. Registrations and deposits are free and instant! The site uses its Facebook page for news, updates and promotions, so be sure to like it if you want to stay up to date!