2020 might nearly be half over, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t still plenty to take advantage of. The year has already given people so many great things, but there is plenty more to come. That being said, you’ve likely noticed that 2020 has been the year of online gambling. Heck, you can’t turn on a TV or turn into a sports event without seeing some kind of ad for an online casino or bookie. Given that the industry is a billion-dollar one and online growing, it is easy to understand exactly why this is the case. Everyone wants to get in on the action. And, there is plenty of it to get in on. Formula One is now even making arrangements to offer on-track betting for spectators and fans alike. All that aside, there really are tons of reasons that one would want to gamble online in 2020.

Bonuses And Rewards

There are a lot of great things about land-based gambling. You can walk into any casino and be showered with live entertainment, feed food, drinks, and even a free night’s hotel stay sometimes. While the online world can’t offer these things, they do have plenty to offer. And, these offerings usually come in the form of welcome bonuses, VIP treatments, and loyalty rewards. In fact, this is how casinos are competing with each other in 2020. One provider might entice you with a matched deposit bonus just to get your locked in. Well, you can guarantee there is going to be another provider willing to match this or even do you one better. These bonuses and rewards are getting more and more creative as time passes and 2020 has seen some great ones thus far.

There are now even some providers that are willing to offer what are known as cashback bonuses. That’s right, at the end of the year or month, you could get a percentage back of everything that you lost at a casino. That’s pretty great, right? Well, it is just the beginning.

Vast Array Of Games

Not only are the bonuses getting more creative in 2020, but the games are getting more and more creative. This is simply one area where a quality land-based casino can’t compete with a quality online casino. Land-based providers are limited when it comes to space and the types of games that they can offer. This is not the case with online providers. There are virtually no restrictions when it comes to space. And, they are getting pretty creative. You’ll find that you can not only enjoy some of your favorite classics online, but you can now enjoy exciting and innovative variations of them. Gone are the days of traditional poker, slots, and blackjack. You can now play these games with more exciting rewards, rules, and regulations.

Get Competitive

Gambling has always been a great means of entertainment, but that is the thing. It is just entertainment for some individuals, especially land-based players. If you conducted a poll, you would find that nearly over half of land-based players only gamble for entertainment values. There is nothing wrong with this, as you can really capitalize on the right strategies. However, if you are looking for real competition and serious head to head action, you’ll find it online. Most people that gamble online do so for money. In fact, there are tons of individuals that make a living gambling online.

You combine this with all the analytic and tracking capabilities available today in most online casinos, and you won’t have a problem honing your craft to the fullest. You’ll improve your skills beyond what you ever thought possible.

Online casinos provide players with a nice selection of games to choose from, neatly grouped based on genre. This simplifies navigation and makes it easier for players to find the games they are interested in with only a few clicks of the mouse. Many players are confronted with the paradox of choice and have a hard time deciding for one genre or the other. These are the top five casino games to consider when playing over the Internet, covering all popular genres. Continue reading “Top 5 Casino Games To Play Online”

Many of the most popular hollywood films about casino robberies and gimmicks are based on real events. The directors and producers who shot such films as “Ocean’s 11” were inspired by the stories of the most legendary casino robbers.

Unlike movies, in reality, many fraudsters can not leave so easily and do not have such a high technical level of training, like heroes of films. However, there are several people who have managed to stand out for their sophistication in an attempt to find an answer to the question of how to rob a casino and still go unpunished.

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Technology right now is developing at a ridiculous speed. An obvious point, I know, but it’s something that really does catch you by surprise when you just stop a minute to think about it.

It wasn’t 15 years ago that people scoffed at the idea of touch screen phones, “We’ve seen them all before,” they said, “They were crap, they didn’t work.” Back then, though, internet phones were barely a thing either. The better phones of the day just about had internet, but unless you wanted to wait 10 minutes to try and check the football scores, they were pretty much useless. Continue reading “Top Casino Apps”

Casino games have always been a popular activity for people looking to make a quick buck while enjoying themselves at the same time. These are divided into online and offline casinos that are usually featured in multinational hotels, large resorts, and even luxurious yachts. The games offered range from casino tables and slots to different poker games. With so many options for gamers to choose from, casino games have proven to be quite a hit. Just read through any casinoroom review and you will find out exactly how true this is. Let us look at why these games are such a favorite of many. Continue reading “Why Casino Games Are So Popular”

Working in an office is has many perks. It has the various groups of people to go and talk to. It has the secluded spots and quiet rooms, where you can actually get your work done. There are even lots of benefits to the office cafe and the nicely discounted rates.

For all the positives, there is the one over-riding negative. The one thing which is guaranteed to hit everyone who has ever worked in an office. People might not know the name for it and they might not even have known that it was a thing, but it is there. The symptoms are universal and every single one of us will have felt it.  Continue reading “Curing the Office Head”

For every person who has been thinking the best casinos are out there in Las Vegas, you might want to rethink. In today’s day and age when everything is better online, casino is no exception. You’d be able to have more fun and make more money using online casinos rather than visiting a casino physically. Following are the benefits of playing on online casinos.

  • It feels convenient

The very first and important reason why online casinos are better than the physical ones is that you don’t have to walk yourself to the casino. You get all the fun sitting on your couch and having your favorite packet of chips. Whether it is 12 pm in the afternoon or 1 am in the midnight, you can play whenever you want to. You are not time bound and nor are you place bound. Continue reading “Benefits of Playing Online Casino”

Online casinos have come under a lot of scrutiny from regulators over the last year. In 2016 the UK Gambling Commission and Competition and Markets Authority began investigating online casinos. The Advertising Standards Authority stated that according to the Gambling (Licensing and advertising) Act 2014, “Marketers and media owners should assure themselves that online casinos are not promoting inducements that could invite excessive or harmful play”. Given how clear this statement is, one would have thought that no investigation was necessary. Unfortunately, these regulations were largely ignored. However, by penalising mainstream online casino BGO and threatening further action against them the Competition and Markets Authority has shown that they are willing to take action. One of the main features of online casino gambling that has drawn this unwanted attention to the industry is ‘wagering requirements’. Continue reading “The End of Unfair Wagering Requirements?”

The world of online gaming has grown in leaps and bounds during recent years. Indeed, a 2016 study found that this industry comprises no less than 33 per cent of all gambling within the United Kingdom. This is partially due to the fact that high-speed Internet is now universally accessible and it can also be attributed to the sheer number of gaming portals currently available. While the fun and excitement of this sport cannot be denied, it is equally important to understand some of the tricks that professionals employ to increase the probability of walking away a winner. Let’s take a look at a few top strategies as well as a handful of key takeaway points. Continue reading “How to Enjoy a Winning Edge When Playing Online Casino Games”

Have you seen this one before? I’m going to guess that you have, mainly due to how common it is getting. One day we have a brilliant casino to head to, the next it has just upped sticks and left.

Imagine just walking down the street to head into the local for a pint and then as you turn the corner and attempt to walk inside, there is nothing. No pub, no insides and no beer waiting for you. It has literally just vanished. That is one very annoying trick and, unfortunately, it is one we are finding ourselves falling victim to. Continue reading “The Disappearing Casino Trick – Which Casinos Still Accept Australian Players in 2017?”


It’s never been more accessible to play casino games and online slots, than it is today.

In over a decade of online casino, a rapid advancement in technology has made it ever so easy to play when and where you want. With such changes have come many more possibilities which you wouldn’t have imagined possible 10 years ago; including the ability to play ‘live’ dealer casino games. Continue reading “Tips on Finding the Best Live Casino Sites”

Are you feeling lucky this summer? Do you want to take your chances and walk out of a casino loaded with lots and lots of cash? Do you think that you might become the star of the EPT European Poker Tour ? Sounds like a movie plot, right? But we are not talking about a Hollywood action movie where you steal tons of cash from a casino; we are talking about winning the cash from a casino. If you think your luck is on your side then get ready as we are about to tell you about some of the biggest casinos in the world. So let’s get started and see which the top 5 casinos in the world are.

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