2020 might nearly be half over, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t still plenty to take advantage of. The year has already given people so many great things, but there is plenty more to come. That being said, you’ve likely noticed that 2020 has been the year of online gambling. Heck, you can’t turn on a TV or turn into a sports event without seeing some kind of ad for an online casino or bookie. Given that the industry is a billion-dollar one and online growing, it is easy to understand exactly why this is the case. Everyone wants to get in on the action. And, there is plenty of it to get in on. Formula One is now even making arrangements to offer on-track betting for spectators and fans alike. All that aside, there really are tons of reasons that one would want to gamble online in 2020.

Bonuses And Rewards

There are a lot of great things about land-based gambling. You can walk into any casino and be showered with live entertainment, feed food, drinks, and even a free night’s hotel stay sometimes. While the online world can’t offer these things, they do have plenty to offer. And, these offerings usually come in the form of welcome bonuses, VIP treatments, and loyalty rewards. In fact, this is how casinos are competing with each other in 2020. One provider might entice you with a matched deposit bonus just to get your locked in. Well, you can guarantee there is going to be another provider willing to match this or even do you one better. These bonuses and rewards are getting more and more creative as time passes and 2020 has seen some great ones thus far.

There are now even some providers that are willing to offer what are known as cashback bonuses. That’s right, at the end of the year or month, you could get a percentage back of everything that you lost at a casino. That’s pretty great, right? Well, it is just the beginning.

Vast Array Of Games

Not only are the bonuses getting more creative in 2020, but the games are getting more and more creative. This is simply one area where a quality land-based casino can’t compete with a quality online casino. Land-based providers are limited when it comes to space and the types of games that they can offer. This is not the case with online providers. There are virtually no restrictions when it comes to space. And, they are getting pretty creative. You’ll find that you can not only enjoy some of your favorite classics online, but you can now enjoy exciting and innovative variations of them. Gone are the days of traditional poker, slots, and blackjack. You can now play these games with more exciting rewards, rules, and regulations.

Get Competitive

Gambling has always been a great means of entertainment, but that is the thing. It is just entertainment for some individuals, especially land-based players. If you conducted a poll, you would find that nearly over half of land-based players only gamble for entertainment values. There is nothing wrong with this, as you can really capitalize on the right strategies. However, if you are looking for real competition and serious head to head action, you’ll find it online. Most people that gamble online do so for money. In fact, there are tons of individuals that make a living gambling online.

You combine this with all the analytic and tracking capabilities available today in most online casinos, and you won’t have a problem honing your craft to the fullest. You’ll improve your skills beyond what you ever thought possible.

Many of the most popular hollywood films about casino robberies and gimmicks are based on real events. The directors and producers who shot such films as “Ocean’s 11” were inspired by the stories of the most legendary casino robbers.

Unlike movies, in reality, many fraudsters can not leave so easily and do not have such a high technical level of training, like heroes of films. However, there are several people who have managed to stand out for their sophistication in an attempt to find an answer to the question of how to rob a casino and still go unpunished.

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If you love yourself a good gamble, then I am sure you can agree with the fact that casinos come with an insane amount of exhilaration. Although not everyone might relate, there’s something intoxicatingly raw about gambling; and since the conception of online casinos more and more people globally are now able to appreciate that very feeling. It is no wonder, therefore, that online betting and gambling are rapidly gaining extensive popularity. Continue reading “ADVANTAGES OF ONLINE GAMBLING”

Gambling is one of humanity’s most popular pastimes, but also a costly one if the dice don’t roll in your favor. For those of you who would like to witness some high-quality casino action without risking your life’s savings, there are numerous films inspired by the topic of gambling. The following selection ranks highest when it comes to this ‘genre’, both for the realistic portrayal of the gambling venues and events, and for the excellent cast in most cases. Continue reading “Top 5 Gambling Movies of All Time”

With the changes and development in the casinos, the online versions are best suitable in this era where people are getting busier with everyday chores and hardly get chance to schedule their time for casinos. With the introduction and more innovation over the years in this online casino market, the gamblers are making enough money and enjoying the games right from the comfort of their own home. Even some people who love to play online casinos are making time out while they are travelling or even during the vacation at some other place far from home. Continue reading “Enjoy And Earn From Live Casinos From The Comfort Of Your Home”

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Much like gambling in a physical casino, online betting is a place where etiquette, manners and conduct are key to creating a friendly and enjoyable environment for everyone to enjoy. Creating a competitive and vibrant atmosphere is achievable online through online chats and the quality of the games themselves, however players can often be more hostile and annoying than in the flesh. From taking an age to play to flipping when you lose, bad etiquette can put a real downer an otherwise enjoyable evening. So here’s a list of basic online gambling etiquette to follow so everyone can enjoy their games.

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In the area now known as Las Vegas, gambling was brought in the late 1800s. During the great California gold rush, many seekers and explorers settled in this area and they brought along their best pastime, gambling. However, then came a nationwide crackdown in U.S that forbid everyone from gambling, and this inevitably saw the eradication of all gambling establishments. This area is definitely a far cry from the city of Las Vegas we know today, where various casino resorts have mushroomed over the years. Continue reading “Casino History at the Spiritual Home of Gambling”

The use of mobile devices has revolutionised the gambling industry in the UK. In years gone by, to place a bet meant visiting the bookmakers on the high street, or playing roulette in a casino. The range of events to bet on was limited; governed by the hours the betting shop was open or the roulette tables were spinning and it could be intimidating for those who wanted to take part in the excitement of placing a bet but didn’t understand how it all worked and didn’t want to be seen as being a ‘beginner’.

Online gambling; the early days

Online gambling started with using a desktop and whilst this opened up the world of events to place a bet on and meant those without knowledge could learn about accumulators, the rules of playing poker and each-way opportunities, it still wasn’t gambling on the move. The arrival of laptops directed the industry forward but still wasn’t particularly convenient in all situations.

The online gambling revolution; going mobile

The explosion in online betting is down to sheer accessibility through using a device which will fit in your pocket. Bookmakers and online casinos, like LadyLucks Casino, offer a plethora of offers to new users with free spins, offers and free bets to those who sign up; whilst these are great marketing tools, it’s the fact that trying out French Roulette for the first time or relaxing with a few deals of Blackjack can take place instantly from any location as long as it has an internet connection and winnings can instantly be banked.

Whether it’s a single win only punt at the races that day, a whole string of bets on a range of sports or a series of fast spins of the roulette table, you now have a huge choice of sites available to use your mobile device to place a bet.

The explosion in online betting is down to sheer accessibility through using a device which will fit in your pocket. Bookmakers and online casinos offer a plethora of offers to new users with free spins, offers and free bets to those who sign up; whilst these are great marketing tools, it’s the fact that trying out French Roulette for the first time or relaxing with a few deals of Blackjack can take place instantly from any location as long as it has an internet connection and winnings can instantly be banked.

The popularity of mobile betting has already been proven in the fact that almost 5% of iPhone users now have an online betting app installed and experts are forecasting that this figure will soon be at 10% or even 15%; an industry with a fair amount of growth still to go before reaching any kind of peak.

For the beginner it may feel a bit daunting as to know which sites to use so there’s help available. Websites such as this one here give the full rundown on which bookmaker and casino sites are trustworthy, are fully licensed and are mobile friendly. It also details the best sites for different devices and gives clear guidelines on compatibility constraints.

There’s no point in trying to use an online roulette table if the site isn’t set up for mobile devices or the phone won’t display correctly as it will be a frustrating experience so using a site which has done the research already gives a helping hand in which virtual casino to choose.

To sum up

The mobile gambling industry is a fast moving and exciting community to be part of. Casinoroulette describes it perfectly “One of the biggest advantages on playing digital roulette is the speed. While playing against live dealers, be it at land-based casinos or online via video stream, provides a whole other experience, for many players being able to participate in more spins in a short amount of time is way more important. Add to that the possibility to play on your mobile device, and you’ll get the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to play roulette.”

Mobile gambling is set to become bigger, brighter and faster over the next few years as innovative technology develops even more ways to engage, interact and bet on the thousands of events which take place every day. With research showing that 30% of mobile gamblers in the UK visit a site at least once a day and 54% place a bet at least once a month, this is a phenomenon with a bright future.