Much like gambling in a physical casino, online betting is a place where etiquette, manners and conduct are key to creating a friendly and enjoyable environment for everyone to enjoy. Creating a competitive and vibrant atmosphere is achievable online through online chats and the quality of the games themselves, however players can often be more hostile and annoying than in the flesh. From taking an age to play to flipping when you lose, bad etiquette can put a real downer an otherwise enjoyable evening. So here’s a list of basic online gambling etiquette to follow so everyone can enjoy their games.

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A side effect of poker’s popularity as both an online activity and a spectator sport is the growing number of professional players, superstar card sharks and individuals who seem to have ‘made it’ overnight. But is poker really an easy route to the big time, or is the reality different from what fans see on the TV?

Let’s get right to the point: Carving out a poker career, from online card tables to the bright lights of Monte Carlo, is a hard slog. In that, it’s no different from becoming a professional footballer or a ballet dancer. There’s a certain element of unpredictability in poker that makes a career in the game especially difficult to maintain. Continue reading “Can Anybody Become a Poker Pro?”