Corner Kick Betting

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Corner kick betting is attracting more and more punters from around the globe as almost all bookies now offer this betting option. As a special bet it’s a relative new market, so there is a lack of multi-year statistics available to anyone, including online bookmakers. There are also various aspects that if utilized correctly can give every punter an edge when betting online.

The odds are changing instantly, especially on the live betting section, according to algorithms based on the number of current corner kicks and the time remaining, so there are events where the punter may have a considerable advantage. The bookmakers tend to forget to analyze some facts, mainly because their experience with the number of corner kicks is limited and most punters don’t bother thinking too much before placing a wager.

Types of bets

There are currently eight types of corner kicks bets available on most bookmakers.

Total Corners: This is the most straightforward corner kick bet. There’s a limit (usually 10 kicks) set by the bookie and your bet concerns whether the match will have more or less than this number. You might find this bet as a 3-way (with a exact number of corners matching as a draw) or an Asian Handicap bet (Over/Under 10,5 kicks). We strongly advise you to find bookmakers that actually offer those improved, asian handicap odds, such as 188bet.

Half Time Corners: The same as above, but settled at Half Time. The lower total of 5 corner kicks is the usual the marker.

First/Last Match Corner: You try to guess which team will be awarded the first corner, and/or the last corner in a match. It may take more luck than brains, but it can also be very exciting in live betting, especially if a team is desperate to score either at the beginning of the match or in the dying moments. Bwin has the smallest commission on this market and offers the best odds.

Corner Match Bet: You’re simply betting on which team will be awarded with the most corners. If a significant difference of kicks is expected, you could find this bet having a handicap. The team with the minus handicap has to overcome it to win the bet.

Corner Range: Different odds are offered for an exact range of corners. Usually there are four or five sets of ranges, but the exact numbers depend on the teams and league. A typical bet of this kind offers odds for 0-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 and 13+ corner kicks during the entire match.

Half with most corners: You bet on which half will have the most corner kicks. Usually the second half has lower odds. This bet might not only cover the total number of corners, but also each team’s kicks.

Race to X corners: This type of bet has recently become increasingly popular recently. You pick a team and you bet that they will first reach an exact number of corners (usually an odd one, three, five or seven).

Time of first corner: This seems like a lottery too, but it’s sometimes worthy to bet on, especially if you bet on a match with a clear favorite, trying to score early in the match. There are specific time limits, usually 10th or 20thminute.

Corner kick betting strategy

The basic strategy of betting on corner kicks is simple, however there are plenty of parameters to consider before you place your bet. Usually the teams who are considered favorites that find themselves losing by one goal will desperately try to equalize. This likely scenario favors a high probability of overcoming the corner kicks limit set by the bookie.

High or low?

What do numbers say? Usually teams win more corners when they lose against similar opponents in strength. Teams considered as heavy favorites to win a match earn more corners when they’re losing than when they’re winning. If favorites spend most of the time attacking but fail to score, they gain a large number of corners. Additionally, corners have a higher chance of being successfully defended by the concession of another corner.

The difficulty when betting pre-match on corner kicks is predicting the tempo and pressure of the game. As always, there are numbers to watch and tactics to analyze: Total number of corners, both teams’ playing style and the motivation to win the match can influence whether the amount of corners is going to be over or under for a certain team or overall.

Patience pays off

The odds at the “Time of First Corner” bet can be high because it’s risky to define if a team will win corners between 10 or, in some cases, up to 15 minute time periods. This is a rather difficult prediction to make before the match has started, but if punters follow a particular team for the entire season and identify a pattern in their gaming style, the odds could look very tempting at times.

When the pressure to win gets higher, the Over in-play corner bet becomes more attractive. The most preferable scenario is the losing side controlling the ball with one goal against and less than 15 minutes before full time. What matters here is that the losing side has to risk everything in order to score in little time. Corners will occur more frequently as every try against the opposing goal will result in quick but poor guided shots that are deflected. At this point the winning side have their backs against the wall. tired and nervous which will result in most of those deflections ending as corner kicks instead of calm clearances.

When to make your move

In-play is almost always the preferred betting market for both highly experienced bettors and apprentice ones. They usually watch the game until the pressure to deliver results is on, like the favorite side losing to one goal when the first or second half is nearing its end. This will almost always result in the losing side trying to attack more aggressively while opening up its defense. The winning side will pull back and buckle down to prepare for the avalanche of attacks that will have to rely on long distance shots.

This scenario looks perfect for a great number of corner kicks, but an experienced punter wouldn’t stake an over at this point. The odds will be unfavorable as the bookie will lower the price for the over corners bet and usually after a short period of time (5 to 10 minutes) of aggressive play, both sides tend to play a more secure style, focusing on controlling the ball and waiting for mistakes to spring into action. In fact, if you bet on under when the underdog is leading by one goal is a value betting tactic that should offer really good odds. There’s a strong chance of an early equalizer, which coud change completely the mood of the match.

What to look after

Apart from numbers and statistics, there are a couple of things that you may consider before placing an in-play bet on corner kicks. A high paced game with the ball switching wide is a tempting situation. Another one is when attackers receive the ball near the byline instead of trying to cut inside, especially when the attacking team has effective wing players. Attacks from the losing side via quick passes can prove to be fruitless against a parked defense that references to the man. Additionally, corner kicks are most likely when there’s a noisy crowd near the pitch rather than behind a running track.

If statistics show you that a team has little or no attacking power, the probability of them being awarded corners is really small. The number of goals in a game doesn’t affect the amount of corner kicks, though. Trying to pick high scoring teams doesn’t mean you’ll find a high number of corners.