Curing the Office Head

Working in an office is has many perks. It has the various groups of people to go and talk to. It has the secluded spots and quiet rooms, where you can actually get your work done. There are even lots of benefits to the office cafe and the nicely discounted rates.

For all the positives, there is the one over-riding negative. The one thing which is guaranteed to hit everyone who has ever worked in an office. People might not know the name for it and they might not even have known that it was a thing, but it is there. The symptoms are universal and every single one of us will have felt it. 
The Office Head is all about having that fogginess to your thoughts. It is when you go number blind looking at a thousands of spreadsheets every single day. It is when one meeting rolls into another, without you even knowing you have changed rooms.

The Office Head leads to time disappearing and mistakes becoming common.

There are ways to cure this though and they are really simple.

You will have spotted people in your office who walk out of the building at lunch time. They go out to the shops, they go to get food or they just head to the nearest field. They clear their heads by doing something which is just not work and definitely not spreadsheets.

Then there are the people who meet for lunch. The same four people, sat around the same table, housed in the same room and probably with the same food. They have their routine and they stick to it. They are comfortable in the group and in their processes. It is not about the chat, it is not about the company and it is clearly not about the food. It is about all of these things making them feel comfortable. Relaxed and comfortable.

Lately, I’ve seen a new group emerge and they are having fun. They head off to a meeting room and are all just on their laptops or phones. They sit and play casino games. It is not about the money, as they seem to bet relatively small amounts, but they have found a way to enjoy their lunch. Within second of being in the room, they have logged into Genesis casino review and are already playing. The noise of the winning cheers, is enough to get anyone’s attention and they are attracting a good crowd.

It doesn’t really matter how you manage your Office Head, as long you are getting rid of it. The fog of descending confusion is often too much to handle and we all need to know what we can do to tackle our own heads.