Etiquette of Roulette


Roulette is a  fun and exciting game that most people can derive a huge amount of enjoyment from. You don’t necessarily need to be especially skilled to get lots of fun out of it, and it has a wide range of wining possibilities that are open to everyone due to that low barrier to entry for playing.

But there are obviously rules, and there are even etiquette rules, whereby players have to show what are effectively good manners for playing roulette.

In real world roulette, it is important that you observe social niceties. This means not screaming every time you win or lose, and not stepping on other people’s toes. The table can be a cramped space and quite intimate. So being calm and relaxed allows everyone to enjoy their game.

This is almost exactly the same in online roulette where people don’t expect profanity and bad manners. Most importantly, they don’t expect to have to hear someone sniping about their wins or losses, or generally just trying to make others feel bad.

You should also think carefully about how you treat the dealer. Whether live or virtual, the dealer is a big part of roulette. So no silly comments about how the dealer is treating you or the other players, for example. And if there is an opportunity to tip the dealer (real money or not) it is important that you do so to show the other players that you are enjoying the game and that you are taking part with a good attitude.

If you are playing a live casino roulette game online there is a very good chance there will be video streaming of play. Obviously, there is no need to be dressed in a tuxedo, but if you are online and there is video, please dress with some kind of dignity.

There are examples of players literally turning up to play routinely in the most inappropriate clothing. This is not good roulette etiquette, and is to be discouraged.

While there are fewer opportunities to make etiquette mistakes in online games, you should still consider the feelings of other players, especially when they lose.

There is often an opportunity to give gifts to other players and this should be taken as often as possible. This means you are a good sport and it shows that you care about their progress as well as your own.

Follow the rules to the letter as well. This will allow you to get more enjoyment out of the game and also ensure that you are allowed to play.

While there are fewer ways to break any rules or fall foul of them, treat the online roulette world with the same respect as you would real world roulette, and you should be fine.

Above all, enjoy yourself. Don’t become the player who constantly keeps himself to himself and is focused on winning only.

Roulette is one of the most exciting and fun games out there, and is not really meant to be as serious as poker for example. So get ready to enjoy it, and you should have a better time.