Filling The Football Void

I get the same feeling every year around the end of May. There is just something missing in my weekends. There is a lack of excitement and a lack of interest. I’m used to getting a buzz watching the football and then come May, it all just stops.

Once the FA Cup final has been played, there is literally nothing left for a few months. I miss the action. I miss cheering on my team. I even miss the disappointment when we lose and I really miss the anger when we are rubbish and don’t even get in the game.

But it’s not even any of these that I miss the most. It’s the other teams which I really miss. I don’t really watch their games, but every result matters and it all comes down to two little pounds.

I might not know much about Spanish football, outside of Barcelona and Real, but that’s all I need to know. Just like my knowledge of French football is limited to PSG and Marseille. My German football knowledge extends a little further from Bayern, Hoffenheim and Borussia Dortmund.

Every weekend I follow the results of these seven teams and thirteen others. The list changes every weekend, but it doesn’t matter who the twenty teams are. It just matters that there are twenty of them.

Well, that’s not completely true.

It does matter that there are twenty of them, but it really matters that there are twenty of them who win.

You see, every weekend I put a ridiculous twenty team accumulator on. I pick twenty teams which I think have a chance of winning and hope that they don’t slip up. But then it’s even a step further up than that.

My core seven teams, Barca, PSG, Bayern etc, will always have really low odds and that is never going to get me rich anytime soon. So my other thirteen teams will be a little bit more interesting.

I’ll have a look around and see what the tipsters are recommending. Some of the best football tipsters will regularly be turning up winnings in some random Dutch fourth division match with some really long odds.

It is the thought of this random game in some random league, which makes the accumulator even more exciting. The odds will be long and the game will be sat at 0-0 for eighty-five minutes, then just when you have started to give up on the result, there is an own goal or a penalty and the most boring match in the history of the Dutch fourth division, has suddenly come alive and goes green in the accumulator.

This feeling is why I do the accumulator every week. I’m only losing two quid and that is the same as a lottery ticket. The odds of all twenty teams winning is never under two-thousand to one, so it would be a good weekend if it comes home.

The joy of watching the results trickling in, from the three-o’clock kickoffs, then the games from five and the odd evening game. That is three times on Saturday afternoon that I get the joy and the suspense of watching the scorelines coming up on the results page and then each one going green in the betting slip.

Take that joy and then multiply it by two as the Sunday games start the fun all over again. This is the very reason why by the end of May I feel that I’m missing something from my weekend. It’s not the football I miss, but it’s the bet and the chance of winning that I really miss.