Guide to Online Gambling Etiquette

Much like gambling in a physical casino, online betting is a place where etiquette, manners and conduct are key to creating a friendly and enjoyable environment for everyone to enjoy. Creating a competitive and vibrant atmosphere is achievable online through online chats and the quality of the games themselves, however players can often be more hostile and annoying than in the flesh. From taking an age to play to flipping when you lose, bad etiquette can put a real downer an otherwise enjoyable evening. So here’s a list of basic online gambling etiquette to follow so everyone can enjoy their games.

  • Understand the rules before you play

It’s important to know the rules of the game you’re about to play for a couple of reasons. Firstly, if you go straight into a game that you don’t fully understand you’re practically your money away, as a novice it’s often a good idea to practice on demo and free games until you’ve grasped the rules and have a feel for basic strategies. Secondly, not understanding the game will ruin the quality for more advanced and experienced players trying to enjoy themselves, it’s both sensible and courteous to clue yourself up first.


  • Play nice

Most online casinos have live chats and dealers. There’s nothing wrong with having a laugh and a joke with other players but it’s important to maintain a polite and friendly atmosphere. Racism, abuse and tormenting is strictly prohibited and should be reported if spotted. Sitting on your sofa or at your desk makes you forget you’re potentially sharing a table with players across the world, so just keep in mind what you say could be offensive and should be kept cordial at all times.


  • Don’t be a sore loser

However hard it may be to bite your tongue and hold your temper it’s important to be gracious in defeat. Whether you’ve had a bad night or just lost big, remember that everyone is there to have fun and you can’t win all the time. If you really feel the heat rising and you’re about to explode, push your chair back and walk away. Live chat gives people a sense of anonymity and they seem to forget real people are on the other end, so think how you’d react to these situations in person and channel that online.


  • Rate of Play

It’s expected that each player will need a moment to consider their next move, however it needs to be done in a timely manner. Pouring a drink, using the loo and cooking dinner need to be done at the end of the match or at a more appropriate time. Feel free to use the ‘sit out next hand’ button or just wait until the end of the game to step away and do what needs doing. You’ll not only annoy the other players if you interrupt the game but you’re also likely to get some abuse for doing so.


  • Concentrate on your own game

However tempting it may be to comment on someone else’s game it’s really best to try not to. Snarky comments and poorly timed jokes aren’t funny when someone has lost money or is having a bad game. It’s best to focus on your game and let the others crack on with theirs.


  • Don’t drink too much

Much like a real casino drinking excessively whilst playing isn’t always a good idea. Not only does it inhibit your ability to place sensible bets but you’re also effecting the quality and duration of your fellow player’s games. This is seen as inconsiderate, selfish and most importantly extremely annoying! By all means enjoy a few drinks but maybe call it a night once you’ve had one too many.


  • Do not expect sympathy

Don’t expect any sympathy from the dealer, casino or other players. If you’ve been unlucky and lost it’s important to remember it’s only you who loses, no one else really cares. The people you’re playing with are playing against you in order to win your money, they’re not going to expect you to cry for them so you shouldn’t be expecting them to shed a tear for you, they all have their own activities to worry about.


  • Don’t cheat

Although it’s almost impossible online it’s still extremely bad etiquette and totally un-acceptable to cheat. Whether you’re taking advantage of free money, sign up deals or trying to swindle your way through a game, it’s important to remember that cheating is both illegal and morally wrong. Cheating gives you an unfair advantage over the other players who don’t deserve to have their money taken away unfairly.