Horse Racing Exotic Bets – Mastering the Basics

Once you’ve mastered the straight bets, placing the horse racing exotic bets may seem more tempting. If you’re new in the sports betting industry especially horse racing events , take some time to read and learn the basics before actually putting your money on the line – it will save you both time and money.

The exotic bets offer you the chance to make multiple bets on multiple horses on a single wager. Because they’re much more difficult to predict and win, exotic bets have larger payoffs than the straight ones. In order to do these bets, you must be extremely skilled in handicapping horses – otherwise, you’ll end up being disappointed.

There are a few different types of exotic bets:

  • Exacta

With the exacta bet, you’re betting on two different horses to come in first and second in the exact order. So, if you put a bet on horses #1 and #5, #1 has to win and #5 has to come in second so you could win money – any other way and you lose the bet. These types of bets are extremely popular because they can offer fruitful rewards but they require a lot of horse betting knowledge and experience.

  • Quinella

If you choose to do a quinella bet, you pick two horses that need to come first and second but in any order. It doesn’t matter which one of the, let’s say, horses #1 and #5 finishes first or second – as long as they are on the first and second place, you win!

  • Trifecta

With the trifecta bet, you pick three horses and bet that they’ll finish in the first, second, and third place but in an exact order. For example, if you’ve picked that the horses #1, #5 and #9 are going to win the top three places, they need to win in that exact order so you could get your money.  

  • Superfecta

As the name suggests, the superfecta bet has you picking four different horses and placing your bet that they’ll come in the first, second, third, and fourth place in the exact order as you’ve placed your bet on. The superfecta bets are not easy to win but they’re popular due to the fact that the minimum bet is often as little as 10 cents, which makes the superfecta bet convenient and cheap.

Remember that placing an exotic bet costs more money and requires you to have an in-depth knowledge and bigger experience in horse racing bets. It may be a good advice to stick more to the straight bets, at least the first couple of times.