How Do Asian Handicap Betting Works?

Asian Handicap (AH) is a popular line betting that is now spreading in the European region. AH is a relatively new way of betting offered for football matches.  But if you want to know more about how this ผลบอล betting works, check out the following.

Asian Handicap Explained

This type of line betting in theory is created so that each team has an almost equal chance of winning. In this type of bet, the ‘draw’ is removed of play and a new competitive market is created. In this case, instead of selecting between home, away and draw, the bettor just decides as to what team he/she thinks is the best bet on the AH that they receive  or they have been given. In simplest terms in this case, the handicap is expressed using the goal or a part of a goal start or a deficit.

A few examples of Asian Handicap

One is the “0 handicap” that happens when the likelihood of winning of either team is almost the same. In this case, a bettor will simply bet without the option of a draw. The punter will win if he selected the winning team, or his stake will be returned if the game ended in a draw.

And then there is the “1 Asian handicap,” wherein the if the punter chooses the -1 handicapped, the selected team should win by at least two clear goals in order for him to receive a payout. The stake, on the other hand, will be returned, if the team wins only by a single goal.

So for example, you selected a team that only made one goal lead, or +1 (one), then you will win if the team wins or draw.  But if the team loses by only a goal, then the stake you made will be refunded into your account. It is actually a good bet if you’re thinking that the underdog will get the ผลบอล, and even if they lose or your selection is wrong, you don’t lose any money if the team is only defeated to only one goal.

On the other hand is the “1.5 handicap.” In this case, betting on the -1.5 handicapped football team will make you win if the team wins the game by at least two goals.  Now if you have chosen the team that has a +1.5 start, then you will receive payout if your selection draws or wins. And then you will also win even if it loses by a goal.

What the odds are for AH bets

Without a draw option in AH, the bookies set varying odds. The profit amount that a local bookie usually takes on the AH bets are generally lower than what they would normally take had they offered a 90-minute match bet that includes the draw. This is one of the reasons that Asian handicap bets offer good value for punters. In the AH, the bookmakers usually payout more than 90% of what they are taking; thus, they make low percentage profits.

Benefits of Asian Handicap Betting

  • Bettors only bet on two outcomes, which are away team or home team, and the draw is not included.
  • One can still win even the team chosen loses the match or draws.
  • Punters have a 50% better chance of winning versus traditional odds.

That’s just a quick overview on the types of Asian handicaps and the benefits that AH betting offers. There are more types of AH bets to make to give you the chance to win when you made the right selection. Nevertheless, AH proves a valuable type of bet for ผลบอล, as it gives you 50% chances of winning.