How to Avoid Detection: 5 Roulette Tips for Players

Are you looking for roulette tips to win? Any professional roulette player can tell you one thing –the challenge is not in winning the game, it is in avoiding detection. Among the most effective ways to win in roulette is by using computers. You will hear the same at the best casino gambling forum and message board for casino players.

If you visit some of the forums with less experienced players, you’ll certainly see a lot of inaccurate information. One of the first systems you’ll find is the Martingale. See why the martingale roulette system loses and save yourself time.

Roulette computers today are more reliable and accurate. These two qualities are the main reason why many people are starting to master the art of beating the wheel. Unfortunately, casinos are not willing to welcome any device which can decrease their profits. This means that any player who wants to use these computers needs to be secretive.

The challenge actually lies in avoiding detection. If you can fool the casino and make them think that you are not using any tool to beat the wheel, then you are in the clear. Avoiding detection may seem to be a confusing advice. Here are some roulette tips on how to achieve this goal.

1. Stay Out of Loyalty Club Memberships

These days, casinos offer so many perks. Loyalty memberships are one of these perks and many players are tempted to be part of these clubs since there are so many perks. When you are a professional roulette player, you do not want the casino to keep track of how much you are making.

Having a loyalty card will allow the casino to know your every move. Hence, you should try to stay away from these perks as much as you can. Even if you can enjoy special features and such, this could make you more traceable and this is the last thing you want when you are trying to avoid detection.

2. Casinos are Crawling with Cameras

If there is one thing that you can count on, it is the fact that casinos know how you move. In fact, they can locate where every player is at any period of time. With the number of cameras that are placed all over the casino floor, it would not come as a surprise if you are taken into custody when you are doing anything suspicious.

This is one reason why you need to be conscious about your every move. When you are winning a lot, the casino might think that there is something off. This means that you will be on their radar.

Given the fact that there are eyes all over the place, you also want to make sure that you look just like the ordinary player. You should not appear as if you are winning all the time. You should try to spend a fair amount of time moving around from one casino game to another. Do not worry about losing a bit of money in one game since you can just recoup it with your winnings in the roulette.


3. Choose Busy Tables

The crowd is the best cover when you are trying to avoid detection. This is one reason why you should choose a table with some players since it would be easier to blend in with everyone else. If you are in a wheel where there are just a few people with you, it would be easier for the casino to figure out what you are doing.

The best move is always to try to act just like a regular patron. Go where most of the crowd is and make sure that you move from one table to another just like what any other player would do. When you fit the general criteria of a casinos player, you can be out of their radar and it will be easier to try out your roulette computer.

4. Try Not to Stand Out

When you are a roulette computer user, it is not enough to master the use of the equipment. It is also important to look like the next person. When you are too distinctive or flashy or when you are the type of person who attracts a lot of attention, the casino staff might be on to you and this will not serve your purpose well.

Try to wear regular clothes, nothing too distinctive or sexy. Keep in mind that the cameras are not the only ones that are tracking your move, casino staff is also all over the place and these people can take note of you and of your winnings when they are aware of your existence.

Why Avoiding Detection Matters

There are reasons why roulette tips also talk about avoiding detection not just in strategies but on how to avoid detection. Mastery of the game is a key but you also need to move smoothly. Follow these roulette tips and the use of the computer and avoid any unnecessary movement.

One casino realized that a player was using a machine because he was constantly tapping his foot. Avoid any of these movements. Any behavior of this kind can lead to your detection or worse, it can get you banned.