How to Bet on E-Sports

Unless you have had your head buried in the sand for the last few years, or you have done a Matt Damon and been living on another planet, you will have heard about the rise and rise of E-Sports.

Premier League football teams are now buying gamers to play in their online games. McLaren Formula One team have launched a worldwide competition to find ‘The Worlds’ Fastest Gamer’, Red Bull have been running their 5G gaming league for years and now we have the Counter Strike leagues taking the world by storm.

E-Sports are not the next big thing. They are the big thing right now. Crowds rival any traditional sporting event and stadiums sell out in mere minutes to watch the gaming heroes compete in real life.

As with traditional sports, there is a wide gambling market thriving right alongside the E-Sports leagues. You can follow, watch and join in the excitement of almost any league in the world and then join in with a bet or two to help you up the excitement and your personal sense of joining in.

As with any sport, you will be able to see trends in players forms and team’s abilities to take certain problems. In Counter Strike, you can find a team who will dominate everyone else at a tournament. They will have an answer to every single challenge thrown at them. It might appear that they know what is going to happen before it has even happened. Then, just when they look completely unbeatable, something comes out of the woodwork. An old enemy, one they have never beaten before and one who has this simple but very effective trick. It is one which the champions-to-be have no answer and just can’t get their head’s around.

If you are new to E-Sports, or simply want some help to get you started, there are plenty of Betting Tips waiting to help you out. It is all about finding the market you want to play in. How will you enjoy watching and joining in with the action the best? Are you looking to bet on an overall winner, or are you looking to bet on a smaller niche market? Do you know something about the tactics of a certain team which pretty much means that you know what will happen?

Betting in E-Sports is almost exactly like betting on the traditional form of sports, the only real difference, is that your players are very unlikely to get injured before the match starts and not show up. These players best assets are their fingers and ridiculously quick thinking. Knowledge is power and in this game the power comes from years and years of practicing.

If you want to start looking to bet on E-Sports, then find a market you know about or one which you can at the very least identify. Don’t go for small spot bets, but look at the overall victor and the team which has the best chance of winning.