How to pick the best horse?

Horse Racing

If there is one area that is forever associated with betting it is horse racing. For centuries people have been placing wagers on horses to win or place in a race, and it is a fast-moving and fun kind of betting that attracts millions  of people every year, both to racecourses and online betting.

However, one of the most elusive aspects of race horse betting is actually knowing how to pick a winner. In this article, we hope to help you pick a winner, or at least get better at it. Remember that race horse betting is meant to be fun, and that picking a winner is just part of it.

  • If you are actually at the course when you are looking for a winner, the very best place to pick that winner is in the parade ring. Here, you should be looking for a horse that is fit and alert, and one that has clearly well defined muscle tone. Essentially, you are looking for a strong, fit and healthy looking horse.
  • Whether on or offline, it is then a good idea to look at previous form. The best horses are those that are, obviously, having  a great race season. To find out how the form is on a particular horse, take a look at the season they are having. Look at the last three races run by the horse on the racecard.The results will be next to the horse’s name, and this gives you a clear indication of how the horse is doing and also, potentially, how the horse will do in the race you are about to bet on.
  • Some horses prefer certain courses. For example, some courses are run on the left hand side, and others are run on the right hand side. If you have the chance to build up your course knowledge, you will know which is which, and therefore which horses do better on them.
  • One of the most obvious ways to work out which horse is going to be a winner is to look at the betting odds. These are there for  a reason, and are an excellent indicator of how a horse is going to do in the race. If the odds are very much against a horse to win, then this is what is called  a long shot and is worth placing  a bet on if you are flush with cash and fancy a big win. They do not have  a good chance of coming in to win and are therefore generally seen as an outsider.
  • Those with the best odds are usually worth betting money on. It is important to remember that they will not pay out big if you don’t place a big bet, which is why many people place multiple bets, over many races. This is how to make money on racing betting.

Picking winners is not an exact science, but rater a combination of knowing the form of a racehorse, their current health, and the odds.