How to play roulette

Roulette can be incredibly good fun. There are many people who believe it is more than a  simple game of chance but when you consider that the ball spins and randomly lands on a number, it makes sense when it is called a true gamble.

However, the sophistication of many of the betting options of roulette means that there is plenty of scope to win and just to have some fun at the table.

You play by placing bets on where a ball is going to land. You can bet on a variety of possibilities here, and you place your bets on the table. The table is run by a croupier, and he or she will manage the flow of the game.

Simple bets are available, as are more complex bets that require the closest thing to strategy that roulette has to offer. The bet structure is divided up into two sections, the outside bet system and the inside bet system.

This distinction centres around the idea of a roulette wheel having an inside (where the numbers are) and outside (which doesn’t have any numbers on it). Once you have made your bets the croupier will exclaim ‘no more bets!’ and the results of the spin will become clear

The basic bets:

Outside bets concern the outside portion of the wheel, and they are not directly related to the numbers inside the wheel. They include the following:

Colour betting (the red or black) pays 1 to 1

Even or odd number betting pays 1 to 1

Column betting (betting on 12 numbers) pays 2 to 1

Dozen betting (first 12 numbers for example) pays 2 to 1

High Or low bets pay 1 to 1

These bets have low odds and are are generally quite safe to play. Most people start out playing these bets because the risk is so low. Betting on red or black is a straight 50/50 chance for example.

Inside bets are a little more complicated and the odds here can be astronomically high. It is not recommended that the beginner to roulette plays these bets because it could easily lead to a lot of money being lost:

  • The straight up bet is a bet on one number. It pays 35 to 1. The chances of succeeding at straight up are exactly how the odds suggest
  • Split betting on two numbers pays out at 17 to 1
  • Street betting means betting on three numbers,and this pays out at 11 to 1
  • Corner betting on four numbers pays out at 8 to 1
  • Six line betting on six numbers pays out at 5 to 1

Obviously the six line betting, for example, carries less risk, but the difficulty here is that if you place a large amount of money down on one of these bets, the chances are you will lose it.

That is the basic premise behind roulette. As you make progress beyond outside betting, you should be able to feel more confident to gauge how much to bet and on which set of numbers.

As a word of caution, it is extremely rare for anyone to walk into a casino and place a straight up bet with lots of money, The odds are too high.