How to Predict The Cricket

You would think that after years and years of watching almost every game of cricket possible, there would be a realistic chance of being able to predict the winner of the next game. There are thousands of statistics about almost every aspect of the game and yet still tomorrow’s match is a major mystery to us.

However, there are some tried and tested ways to pick your winner:

Stat up the batters

A bowler can step up and make a game, but the odds of being able to predict their random uplift in form are miniscule. On the other hand, batters carry form over for months and clear trends can be seen through-out a series or even longer. Back the batters and then back their team. It might seem too simple as a betting solution, but once you’ve tried it, you will struggle to argue against it.

Take home field advantage

It is a weird thing, that home field advantage matters so much more in some sports than others. From racing drivers and football players to any Olympian, the home field advantage is huge. Whereas sailing and winter sports athletes, it matters a lot less. Cricket is in the former category and the home support and insider knowledge is a huge advantage. Back the home team and you’re playing the odds very well.

Look at the trends in the ratings

If you are looking to back a national team or a team from the top leagues, it is really easy to see the trends in their recent performances. A team which has just dropped from the top of the rankings down to number five, is going to be there for the taking and are unlikely to be able to correct their issues in a very short space of time. Bet on the other side to keep the trend going.

Find a stable team

If your team has just lost their captain to the confessions on the front page of the national newspapers, then they might be feeling wounded. You can take this two ways: They might be really up for the fight to show that they are fully in support of their captain or able to play without him. Then again, they might be a very fragile team and after a first over wicket, could fall over like skittles on beach.
Take the best odds

If you can’t decide on who to back, then you can simply just have a look at the cricket betting odds and choose any odds you like. Take a 100-1 option as a punt or take the 13/14 secure bet and slowly build up your fortune. Either way, you’ll have fun in the random process.

The best thing about betting on the cricket, is that you can try any method of choosing your winner you like, you don’t even need to know anything about cricket and sometimes, beginner’s luck is all you really need.