I Used To Play The Lottery, Now I Play On Lottoz

I have been a National Lottery game player for more years than I probably should admit to. I am old enough to remember when it launched and the excitement behind it all. I have played a couple of lines a week for years.

If I do the maths behind my lottery playing, then it comes out at a surprisingly low amount of money. For over fifteen years of game play, I am actually shocked to see that I have spent less than a grand. Now that it has gone up to two-pound, I’m sure this figure will go up, but I would happily spend all of that again for the simple chance of winning millions.

I see nothing wrong with a line a week and having the fun and excitement of playing. Then I found something better. I was on holiday in Spain and El Gordo was being advertised everywhere. I guessed it meant ‘The Big One, then after a Google translate, discovered it meant ‘The Fat’.

Fat indeed, it was tens of millions of Euros. Not just a few million, but tens of millions. Fat is the right word for it. But you can only play if you live in Spain and I had no idea how to fill in the form, mainly as I do not speak a word of Spanish.

But, now there is a simple solution. I do not need to buy a ticket to play El Gordo. All the hassle of trying to fill in the forms and understanding how to collect my winnings are now completely unnecessary. All I have to do now is to head to Lottoz.co.uk and play any lottery I like.

I say play the lottery, but it is not actually playing the lottery, instead, you get to bet on the lottery result and win the same prizes. But you do not have to buy a ticket, so it makes the whole having to live in Spain thing, completely redundant.

I can still choose the numbers I want to play and I can still choose which lotteries I want to play, I can even choose which dates I want to play the lotteries. The only difference is that I am not playing the lotteries, but gambling on the results of the lotteries.

My bank balance will never know the difference. If my numbers come up and I do win El Gordo, then I still get exactly the same amount as if I had bought a ticket. The only difference is that I get paid out almost instantly, as the site pays me straight into my own bank account.

Right now Lottoz.co.uk has a promotion on the American Mega Millions. Who would not want to take the jackpot and be able to walk into work on Monday morning and politely inform their boss, that they have no need to do another task or make another single decision? It is the dream we all have and one day it will come true.