Let’s Work Together

Hi there,

Welcome to my gambling blog where I write about anything that I feel will add value to my readers. Occasionaly however I need to collaborate with other people as I will get a mental block.

If you think you have some content that will be relevant to my site and that will be useful to my readers then please feel free to get in touch. I have a few guidelines however which are there to help you through the process of tailoring your content to fit the style of my site.

  • All content that is posted on my site must be original and well written, I can’t afford to have spammy blog posts which offer no value to my readers.
  • I am happy to provide any images required for a post however I would prefer you to source them. However please make sure you have adequate permission to use any image which you send over.
  • Lastly I am happy to help promote brands and businesses however it must still be relevant to my site.

Tick all the Boxes?

If you got through the brief guideline list then let’s have a chat, all you need to do is drop me an email.

Let’s Have a Chat – Email me here!