Online Bingo Chat Room Terminology: Your Essential Guide

Bingo is certainly an enjoyable game; it’s simple and easy to understand, and it’s a complete thrill when you mark off all the required numbers for a win. But those who enjoy playing traditional bingo in a bingo hall will definitely have a great time playing online bingo as well – the thrill and excitement is still there, and you can even get to know your fellow players through dedicated bingo chat rooms.

But if you are planning to take advantage of chat rooms whilst playing online bingo, it would be a good idea to learn more about what terms are being used. Most chat room players are adept at different terms, and for a beginner, these terms can be a bit confusing. Here, then, is your essential guide to some of the most commonly-used chat room terms.

Most commonly-used chat room terminology in online bingo

  • AFC and AFK

‘AFC’ simply means ‘Away from the computer’, whilst ‘AFK’ means ‘Away from the keyboard’

  • AYT

The term ‘AYT’ refers to the phrase ‘Are you there?’

  • ATM

You may already be familiar with this term from social media; it simply means ‘At the moment’

  • BB, BBS, and BBL

The terms ‘BB,’ ‘BBS,’ and ‘BBL’ simply mean ‘Bye bye,’ ‘Be back soon,’ and ‘Be back later,’ respectively

  • BLNG

The term ‘BLNG’ is more commonly associated with the game of online bingo itself; it means ‘Better luck next game’

  • BRB and BTW

The terms ‘BRB’ and ‘BTW’ are also usually seen in other types of chat rooms or in social media; they mean ‘Be right back’ and ‘By the way’

  • CM

‘CM’ simply refers to ‘chat moderator,’ ‘chat master,’ or ‘chat monitor’; this is the person responsible for hosting the chat room in online bingo games

  • DTS and DK

These two terms are also quite commonly used; they simply mean ‘Don’t think so’ and ‘Don’t know’

  • GGA and GL

‘GGA’ is another term clearly associated with online bingo. It means ‘Good game all,’ whilst the term ‘GL’ means (you guessed it), ‘Good luck.’ Another variation of ‘GL’ is ‘GLE’, which means ‘Good luck everyone’

There are a few other common terms which you can also see in online bingo chat rooms but which you may already know about, since they are used quite frequently in social media. These terms include ‘JJ’ for ‘Just joking,’ ‘NP’ for ‘No problem,’ and, the all-time favourite, ‘LOL’ for ‘Laughing out loud.’ Other terms include ‘ROFL’ (Rolling on the floor laughing), ‘TY’ for ‘Thank you,’ and ‘TTYL’ for ‘Talk to you later.’

The thing about all these terms is that you will probably learn and get to know all of them as you go along and become more immersed in the game. Before you know it, you have already become an expert without even trying.

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