Preparing For the British Winter

Now that we have had the best of our one-week long summer and September is a very distant memory, it is about time for us to start to plan for the best the winter can throw at us. Being British does mean that we make the most of our short summer sun, we head to the beaches and get into the pub gardens as soon as possible.

Then without any kind of warning, we accept that autumn is even shorter and that Winter will be soon be upon us. There is no use in trying to fight it, we know it will happen every year and yet we still try to pretend it won’t happen.

The October half-term will creep up and we will assume that we can still take the kids to the beach, but the wind kills the idea and means that we make a really quick retreat to the cafe for some hot chocolate and cake.

So, what can we do to make the most of our winter months? Well, the simplest thing to do, is to take up a winter sport. If you don’t feel like throwing yourself head first down a mountain, with just a pair of skis on your feet, then well done, you are pretty sane. But if you have a look at the Winter Olympics, you’ll notice that Team GB have consistently won Olympic medals in Curling.

Yeah, so most people won’t have a curling ring anywhere near them, and some won’t want to take up a sport so what other options are there for us normal people?

Take up baking. With the huge success of The Great British Bakeoff recently, there has never been a better time to cook up some cake based treats. There are recipe books everywhere, online ‘How To’ guides are just as popular and if you are a first time, complete beginner, then just jump into YouTube and search whatever you want to bake.

You could use your winter months to get really good at a musical instrument. If you have ever promised yourself that you would learn the guitar, piano or even the drums; then now is the time for you to step up. Head down to the charity shop and buy a cheap starter instrument. You might not be fifteen anymore and you probably won’t be forming a world-class band this year, but at least you’ve given it a go.

If learning something new doesn’t get you excited, then you could simply just watch sport and try to win some money. If you head over to WEBET, you can place a small wager on almost any sport and immediately you up the excitement of the game and you care a whole load more about the winner.

Winter doesn’t have to be long boring months, instead you can choose to make the most of it. Learn an instrument, gamble on some sports, learn to bake or you could take up a weird and wonderful, new winter sport.