The benefits of betting with your mobile

Millions around the world now see online betting sites as the only way to place bets on the big event of the day. The days of the only place to choose the winner of the Grand National being the high street betting shop are long gone and it’s now about the convenience and speed of using an online account from the comfort of your armchair.

The biggest area of growth though in 2016 is that of using your smartphone to bet and it’s an area bookmakers are heavily investing in to ensure an enjoyable experience whether you’re at home, work, in a local bar or on holiday. Here are the benefits of online gambling using your smartphone.

Flexibility of location

Place your bet thru your mobile device 24 hours a day and you never miss the best odds. Particularly great for live betting such as in-match action in football and cricket, using your smartphone means you just log on, place your bet and carry on with whatever you were doing; watching a blockbuster at the cinema, wandering around the local shopping centre or relaxing on a sunbed abroad.

Bonus for signing up

With the shift to mobile betting comes a wide range of offers to encourage you to sign up with the different bookmakers. Many now offer incentives such as free bets and bonus if you sign up with a mobile account so if you have a smartphone it makes sense to take advantage of this.

Saves time

If you like to visit the casino, there’s the time and money it takes to travel there, but playing casino games on your mobile means you can have just as much fun and excitement playing blackjack or the slots with your handheld device. It’s a thrilling sensation to play poker against people from all around the world and at the same time you’re killing time of the daily commute on the train or being a passenger stuck in a traffic jam as you play.

Results on the move

If you’ve placed a number of bets at home through your laptop before you head to work then you could well be stood waiting for the bus wondering what the outcome was. Using a smartphone means that you have access to results and news at any time and you can celebrate as you travel when you see that you correctly predicted results and scores.

Compatibility and security

The technology of using a mobile device for placing bets has really improved over the last few years and whether you use an iPhone or an Android device you can be pretty much certain that you can use your favourite betting sites with ease. There’s also no worry about security as the latest features are now standard which means that your details – and money – are safe from hackers.