The different varieties of poker 

Poker Four Aces

Poker is an excellent game, and it has been played for centuries by people who like a little bit of skill and strategy with their gambling. It is easy to become reasonably good at the game as long as you practice as much as possible and keep a cool head.


But there are different types of poker, and this article hopes to outline what some of these different varieties of the game are and how they’re different and/or similar to each other.

Texas Hold’em

This is the grandaddy of poker games, and has relatively recently become the most recognisable form of the game. It is the game that’s played in the World Series of Poker, and it has been popularised as a poker variant in movies like Rounders. It is very easy to understand and quite exciting to watch, which possibly explains why it is so popular.

In this version of poker, players are dealt two cards, and the other cards are dealt as community cards. The players in the game have to make the best five card hand possible and hopefully beat the hands of their players.

The hand they have must contain five cards, and this where the strategy comes into it as cards are dealt to the community of players. Bluffing is highly likely, and the game is known for its deep levels of strategy.


This version of poker is very similar to Hold’em but the main difference is that the players are dealt four hole cards. There is space for up to 10 players, and the hand must be made from two of their hole cards and three of the community cards.

This version of poker is popular, and does require a lot more strategy than Texas does. However it is not as culturally popular as Texas, even though some poker purists enjoy playing it more.

7 card stud

This is perhaps a simpler version of the game, and it’s huge popularity has a lot to do with the easy way of playing. Players are simply dealt seven cards, four of them are down and three of them are up. Then, all the players must make their best possible five card hand from their seven. It’s very easy to get started with seven card stud but is perhaps strangely a difficult game to master. With so much being shown to other players from the outset bluffing takes on a whole new level in this version of poker.

5 card draw

This is an even more interesting version of the card game. Here, players are dealt five cards, and they are allowed to see all of the cards. On the initial go round though, players can trade in up to three of these cards to gain a better hand. The players don’t have to trade them in, which is where some bluffing can take place.

Poker is a complex game. While Hold’em may well be the most popular and mainstream of the versions, there are still different varieties of the game that really allow people to enjoy betting and gambling in different ways.