The Disappearing Casino Trick – Which Casinos Still Accept Australian Players in 2017?

Have you seen this one before? I’m going to guess that you have, mainly due to how common it is getting. One day we have a brilliant casino to head to, the next it has just upped sticks and left.

Imagine just walking down the street to head into the local for a pint and then as you turn the corner and attempt to walk inside, there is nothing. No pub, no insides and no beer waiting for you. It has literally just vanished. That is one very annoying trick and, unfortunately, it is one we are finding ourselves falling victim to.

Spin Palace were one of the firsts to pull the disappearing trick. They were literally there one day and then not accepting our money the next. Royal Vegas followed suit and then even G’Day jumped on the band-wagon and stopped taking our dollars.

The only reason they have left is that I want to spend my hard-earned Australian dollar and not some magically concocted American one. I mean seriously, G’Day, they stopped taking Aussie dollars. Look at your name and then tell me that we are not the sole target demograph for your entire business model. G’day. Who else is going to head there? I can’t see too many Kiwi’s or South African’s feeling a desire to spend their money on the site.

Grand Reef, LeoVegas, Casumo, GUTS, Rizk and Thrills have all departed from the long list of companies which want to let me play. What is wrong with taking my money.

I honestly mean that, as I’m not into gambling as a career and I tend to make a load of small bets to enjoy it. I rarely walk away with a huge stack of chips and they can certainly make a bit of cash out of me.

These online casinos still accept Australian players

The good news is that I’ve found better sites because I have been made to look around. I’ve had the opportunity to go and find a site which is actually right for me and not just the site which has spent the most on advertising. There are still plenty of safe and reliable online casinos for Australian customers with AU currency that protect personal and financial data with a great selection of pokies with table games generous sign up bonuses.

Often, I would just head to the first site I remembered and that normally stemmed from the catchiest jingle which was stuck inside my head. Even as I think about casino’s and jingles, three jump straight into my mind and I know they will be stuck there for a few days at the very least.

If you are feeling slightly less energetic than me, and do not feel like spending hours hunting around for the right, then there is an easier solution. There is a site which has done all of the hard work for you. It has listed the top sites which still let you use the mighty Aussie dollar, SuperBigWin is checked regularly to ensure that they have the most up-to-date lists available.

They’ll tell you the best casinos to head to if you prefer to play Roulette, or where to go if you want a tournament game of Texas Hold’em. It takes all of the hard work and the hunt out of finding the perfect solution which is not only the most fun for you, but will also take your money.

I don’t know why these companies have tried to make it so hard for us, but at least we have found a brilliant solution.