The New Craze Is An Old Craze – Bingo

We’ve all heard of the game of Bingo and if we think hard enough, we can remember playing it back in our youth, but there is an upsurge in people coming back to the game and the Bingo halls are getting full. What’s going on in the world of Bingo and why are people taking it up again?

Is Bingo the next big craze?

The game of Bingo has been around for years and years. We can’t remember a time before Bingo and neither can our Grand Parents. The simplicity of the game is one of its factors in being such a huge success.

It takes no skill, no general knowledge, no specialised knowledge, nothing but the ability to identify numbers up to one hundred. This is the unique selling point of Bingo. It is amazingly simple, yet it still manages to capture the hearts and minds of thousands of us every single day.

With a card full of numbers right in front of you and a dabber in your hand, you are ready to play. The dabber is crucial in the game of Bingo, as not only does it make up fifty percent of the required equipment, but it is used to show you which numbers have been selected and ‘crossed’ off your sheet.

It is really that simple. No complicated rules, no prior experience needed and no benefit to having played over a thousand games already. It is purely down to the luck of the draw.

Is Bingo going to take over?

If you have been for a walk through your local high street within the last few years, then you could not have failed to notice that there has been a steady decline in shops, the cinemas have mainly moved out of the high-streets and out to the industrial estates and the charity shops have moved in. The things people want on a high street are back and being utilised.

One new addition to conquer the space on the high street is also the Bingo Hall. You will have walked passed the front door of one nearly every time you walked to the post office or to the newsagents. They have come to where the people are and they are reaping the rewards.

We start off in school using Bingo as a tool to learn numbers and we play joyously for years, then the teenage years kick in and nothing is cool, so we stop doing everything we ever enjoyed. Until recently, the Bingo hall has been the preserve of the elderly and the retired, but now there is a resurgence amongst the younger generations and they are joining everyone back at the Bingo hall tables.

Being social keeps you young

The amazing spread of ages in a Bingo hall will take you a second to get used to upon your first visit. It is one of the very few places where people of all ages can go and play the very same game, all at the same level and all stand an exactly identical chance of winning.

There is no difference between a first-timer and a grizzled veteran. A ten-year-old or a hundred and ten-year-old. Both of them can still spot the numbers and cross them off, both of them can still yell ‘BINGO’ with the same levels of excitement when they win.

It is this nice touch of social inclusion which really is helping to pump some fresh blood back into the Bingo halls. Sitting around a table and playing the game, whilst talking to people from generations apart, builds a community with some very diverse people. The stories are never boring and the tales go on for hours.


There’s science behind it

Not only is spending valuable time with people from different generations and different backgrounds going to help you widen your awareness and enjoyment of other cultures, but it really helps to keep your brain active.

In fact, many people will tell you that they started to play Bingo as a way of keeping their brain active and fighting off the signs of old age. This isn’t just some random person telling them that this might have happened for their gran. Indeed, there’s a wealth of evidence, which shows that Bingo has been proven to help older people keep their brains active for longer. The Guardian reported that regular Bingo players were better able to identify numbers than both those participants who didn’t play Bingo and even younger participants.

Even just the act of playing Bingo and using your mind to remember where the numbers were on the card is going to help exercise your short-term memory. Every game uses a brand-new card, each card is laid out in a different pattern and every card uses a new set of different numbers.

As we all know, exercising muscles keeps them healthy and helps them to grow. When you consider that the brain is just another muscle, albeit a really important muscle, it makes a lot of sense to exercise it and at least try to keep it in fit and fighting shape.

There’s no excuse not to play

You might think that this is all well and good, but you do not have a Bingo hall anywhere near you. Whilst this might be true, it is not a reason to not play Bingo. Welcome to the modern age, as now you can the exact same game you wold play in person at the hall, you can now play on your mobile. You know the benefits of playing Bingo are huge, so why would you even consider not playing?

When you think about all the benefits of keeping your mind active and fighting off all of the signs and symptoms of old age, a game of Bingo seems like the least of hassles to keep your brain fighting fit. When you consider this, you can see why so many people are returning to the game they played as a child.