Top 5 Casino Games To Play Online

Online casinos provide players with a nice selection of games to choose from, neatly grouped based on genre. This simplifies navigation and makes it easier for players to find the games they are interested in with only a few clicks of the mouse. Many players are confronted with the paradox of choice and have a hard time deciding for one genre or the other. These are the top five casino games to consider when playing over the Internet, covering all popular genres.

Slots are ideal for casual players

There’s a reason for why the overwhelming majority of new slot sites provide players with more slots than any other games. These are easy to learn, depend exclusively on luck and come in so many flavors, that it’s virtually impossible to ever get bored. Slots are the best re-creation of games and you can choose between classic ones with three reels and fruity themes and modern varieties with five reels and many winning combinations. Always consider progressive jackpot slots, such as the ones developed by NetEnt and Microgaming, since these are the ones that can produce big winnings with a tiny investment.

Feel the thrills of real casino live table games

The only games that can be played against real dealers from the comfort of your home are table games. Roulette is perhaps the most popular of them all and there is just as much interest for live dealer roulette games online, as it is in brick-and-mortar casinos. European and French roulette are preferred to their American counterparts because they carry a lower house edge. Card games are also compatible with real dealers and if you choose to walk down this path, you should consider blackjack and baccarat.

Video pokers have the highest return to player

Video pokers bear many similarities to slots, but they have the advantage of rewarding perseverance and correct use of math. Players who use optimal strategy will have a better chance at winning than their peers who rely exclusively on luck. They have a return to player of almost 99%, so savvy players prefer them because they give a better chance of beating the house edge. These games also have the advantage of being fully compatible with mobile devices and their smaller displays.

Have some fun with scratch cards

If you love slots and games whose outcome depends exclusively on luck, then you will also appreciate scratch cards. No previous experience is needed and these instant-win games reveal their payouts right after the game has begun. You can take some time off from more serious and challenging games to have a little fun with scratch cards.

Celebrate the social nature of bingo

Last but definitely not least, bingo is an excellent fit for those who want to interact with their peers when gambling over the Internet. The price of bingo tickets is minimal and of all forms of gambling, this has the lowest risk of addiction. The latest features make it easier to keep track of the numbers, so players can spend more time talking to fellow bingo fans.