Top 5 Reason Blackjack Players Lose

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. Inexperienced gamblers love its simple gameplay, while seasoned gamblers love to implement strategy play to tip the odds in their favor. This article will list the top five reasons players lose at blackjack.

Reason #1: They don’t know the rules of the variation they’re playing.

Too often, first-time gamblers go to the first site they find, put down their money, and proceed to play. This is a mistake for a lot of reasons. Without knowing the rules for the blackjack variation they’re playing, they are bound to come up a loser. Certain variations have rules that favor the player over the house, like a dealer having to stand on a soft 17, or a 6-5 payback on a blackjack. It’s imperative to know the rules of any blackjack game before playing any money.

Reason #2: They bet on instinct.

Some players bet instinctively. Meaning, they bet with their gut, not their brain. They ‘feel’ like the next hand is going to be a winner, so they bet big, based solely on a feeling. Smart players know that blackjack is not like flipping a coin. It’s not going to come out 50/50 every time. Don’t ever bet on instinct. It’s better to bet on strategy.

Reason #3: They don’t learn Basic Strategy.

Basic Strategy is a play system that tells you the best play to make, based on your hand and the dealer’s up-card. For instance, say you’ve got 9-9 and the dealer is showing a 9. What is the best play to make? Split your 9’s. Not sometimes, or when you feel like you’re due a win. You split them every time because Basic Strategy teaches this is the best play to make. Seasoned players are robots when it comes to playing Basic Strategy.

Reason #4: Betting a progressive wager system.

Progressive betting is when you double the amount of your last loss in an attempt to recover your initial wager. There’s no mathematical basis for progressive betting with blackjack. Actually, this is a quick way to lose your whole bankroll. Play safe and stick to a set amount per hand.

Reason #5: Playing while intoxicated.

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘Vegas loves a drunk?’ There’s a reason casinos lavish free drinks on their players. Intoxicated players make mistakes. They overbet, forget basic strategy, and chase their losses. Never play when you’re intoxicated.