Two Stories Of People Who Beat The Odds

The mathematical possibilities of winning the lottery are close to none, but in this article we’ll write about two different people that had their lives changed thanks to a lucky ticket.

The first story takes us back to the year 2013, where a Dominican immigrant and father of five children decided to see what destiny had in store for him. He entered a liquor store in New Jersey to validate a lotto ticket he had bought last week. It was right then and there that he discovered he was a new millionaire. In that moment, everything changed. He was the winner everyone was looking for, the Powerball draw was celebrated on Saturday night and no one knew who hit the jackpot, the 338 million dollars were yet to be claimed.  

The name of the winner is Pedro Quezada, a 44 year old man, who needed this prize to get out of poverty, he was so happy when he knew he had won that he called his mother. If you want to be a winner like Pedro, don’t miss out on the chance of hitting the jackpot, play online lotto from any country in the world and buy lottery tickets online.

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Pedro told the press that he worked from 5 am to 11 pm at a warehouse since 2006, he said that life has been tough, but now that is part of the past. Quezada had a routine according to the owner of the liquor store where he bought the ticket, he said he grabbed a couple of beers and a lotto ticket every day for the last four or five years, and he just got lucky this time. Pedro has been in the United States since he was 26.

That same year, just a couple of months later another huge lotto winner came to scene. Gloria Mackenzie won 270 million dollars after taxes, an amazing haul. The 84 year old woman from Florida was the lucky winner of one the largest jackpots in lotto history. Gloria bought her ticket in a supermarket in Tampa for only two dollars, talk about a good investment. We mean no disrespect to her, but she did the smart thing given her advanced age, and decided to take the lump sum instead of the annual payments.

Just like me mentioned earlier, don’t miss out in the chance of becoming the newest millionaire, buy lotto tickets online and hit the jackpot.