What is the World Series of Poker? 

Poker WSOP

The best way to describe the World Series Of Poker (WSOP) is as a huge and very commercially successful poker event and brand. More than a series of tournaments, it has grown into a marketing machine.

Celebrities have been involved in the various events around it, and the money behind the marketing and branding runs into the millions. And at the heart of it all is a simple game or two of poker, with incredibly high stakes.

It is essentially a series of tournaments held annually in Las Vegas, and it is sponsored by Caesars Entertainment. Las Vegas is obviously a rather appropriate place to hold a major international poker tournament, and this has  a lot to do with the success of the tournament as a whole.

Depending on the number of entrants to the tournament, the cash prize at the end of the tournament and it’s various stages can be significant, with millions having been won in the past. Every time a tournament is won the winner receives a special WSOP bracelet, which is coveted by poker fans and players worldwide.

However, the WSOP also runs a ‘main event’ which attracts players in their thousands from around the world. This is a key event in the poker calendar, and winners receive a special bracelet that is essentially the most coveted prize in international poker.

Most importantly, anyone who wins the event is considered to be the world champion of poker, which is why it is so coveted as a prize, and chased by thousands of people every year.

The WSOP has become a rather interesting machine, in that it has over 65 separate events as part of the series. There are many variants of poker involved, but the majority of the events feature Texas Hold’em.

This Is why Texas Hold’em has become such a popular game. Thanks to the marketing machine of the WSOP, Texas has become the face of poker to millions.

The series is held in June or July and the events take a few days to run consecutively. This means there is lots of media attention and the participants actually become quite famous themselves.

Phil Ivey is a major poker player and was made even more famous by the number of bracelets he has won at WSOP (ten in total). However, there have also been famous celebrities from the world of movies (Jennifer Tilley, for example) who have won bracelets at WSOP,and this shows just how accepted the sport has been in the mainstream and in culture in general.

The player who has won most bracelets has been Phil Hellmuth. He has won 14 WSOP bracelets so far, and this makes him the most celebrated WSOP player of all time. The oldest main event participant was actually 97 years old, which shows just how poker can be played by people of all ages and backgrounds.

The WSOP continues to grow from strength to strength, and has created it’s own culture and brand. Every year, prizes get bigger, and more and more people from around the world flock to Vegas to try and take on the big players.