What to do when sports betting stops

When the world is going around in its normal cycle, we would be able to jump online and bet on hundreds of football matches every minute of every day. The horse races would be constantly streaming through our phones and we’d be backing winner after winner. Or at least we’d love to think that we were.

Now that the whole world has had to re-align their daily routines, we have a completely different outlook on the sports scene. There are no football matches being played, there are no horse races being run and there are definitely not any motor races being held.

The biggest question to ask right now, is what can we game with? If I’m missing the joy of a small wager on a football match, where can I have the same fun?

There are going to be two main options.

Hit the casinos

When the sport stops because we cannot congregate together, it will not affect the online casinos. There will always be a roulette wheel turning somewhere in a virtual casino, where you can try your lick in predicting red or black. You can sit down at any number of poker tables and play as much Texas Hold’em as you can manage. The abundance of online casino’s will only tell you how popular they already are. If you have a particular talent for one very niche card game, there will be at least ten different sites which cater to your particular need.
The best thing to watch out for right now on any casino is the sign-up bonus.

Get into Virtual racing

Within hours of the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix being cancel in Melbourne, there was an online race organised, publicised, promoted and run. Drivers from all around the world logged on from their bedrooms and raced against each other. The technology has been there for a few years now and some series have had marginal success, but with the lockdowns spreading across the world and a lack of ‘real’ racing more spectators have been giving the esports world a try.

The great news about the surge in esports popularity is the sudden adoption of the online bookmaker. They all now offer some esports markets, from the F1 to Battlefield and even Super Smash Brothers. You will probably be very surprised by the range of esports you can already gamble on.

When Fortnite announced that it would be giving its tournament winner a cash prize of $1 million, the gaming industries eyes turned to see this suddenly serious sport and it opened many options for other leagues to join in on the action. There are now competitive esports leagues in almost every game and it’s just a case of finding an online bookie who will offer you the right odds.

Just because the live action has transferred from the pitch to the TV screen, doesn’t mean that you aren’t still getting your slice of the action.